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Fitness Startup Speediance Receives Pre-A Funding to Accelerate Growth and Revolutionize Smart Home Fitness

An Intelligent fitness startup based in Shenzhen- the Silicon Valley of China is warming up for its next stage of growth. “Speediance” announced a multi-million-dollar Pre-A round funding led by venture capital firm FREES FUND. According to “Speediance,” the new funds will be used for mass production, product line expansion and talent recruitment.

The idea of “normal” in the fitness world is all about going to the gym and working out using all sorts of different equipment, unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced a pause to that idea. Much of the world has become unable to access their gyms like they normally would. However, many have stepped up to make up for what was lacking in the fitness world. According to the VP of NPD group, Matt Powell: “As soon as the lockdowns took effect, the home-fitness business took off like wildfire.” Realizing that home gyms have already become a major trend and carrying a passion to help people work out from home in a more scientific and efficient way. “Speediance” introduced “Gym Monster.”

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Why is “GYM MONSTER” unique?

The difference between traditional fitness products and “Gym Monster” is the type of “Weight” creating resistance. While the former uses the gravitation force of physical weight, “Gym Monster” utilizes two direct-drive motors to generate constant muscle tension throughout the whole range of motion or, in effect, “digital weight.” Users can adjust the weight to the very pound that best suits their needs by simply touching the screen. The maximum weight achievable with the machine is 220lbs/100kg, which is enough resistance to train all 6 major muscle groups effectively. The two core components behind the effectiveness of Gym Monster are the drive circuit and algorithm technology. These two elements lay an important foundation for its future technological developments and innovation, opening the door to endless possibilities in the smart fitness sector. The “digital weight” system helps adjust workout form, posture, and load to avoid injury by utilizing multiple built-in sensors. The intelligent “Gym Monster” also learns the users’ habits and adapts to the different fitness needs of each user.

The product offers a prominent space-saving advantage. Firstly, since the resistance it achieves is via motor torsion, the machine isn’t as heavy as traditional home gym equipment and with a fold-up size of only 3.2 square feet, you can store the Gym Monster practically anywhere. The “All-In-One” design enables an optimal workout experience with only a few accessories instead of switching out different equipment setups to target various muscle groups. Secondly, Speediance can be used directly out of the box with no drilling, mounting or other installation necessary—effectively eliminating many of the challenges associated with at-home or office gym setups.

As web 3.0 technology continues to advance, the online fitness sector has been developing at a rapid pace and Speediance has plans to keep pushing the boundaries and explore new innovations as time goes on. Speediance plans to build an “online community,” within which everyone can share workout experiences, follow influencers they like and communicate freely about their life and workout journey. This type of atmosphere adds to the whole workout experience and helps users stay motivated. In the future, the company plans to further creativity and development by making its products more digital, scientific, and people-oriented to provide the best workout experience that supports the public to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Speediance founder Tao Liu said, “I’m a big fan of sport and fitness. I love cycling, paragliding, and I do the best I can to keep fit. Acknowledging the need for fitness to be localized and decentralized so that it can be at everyone’s home, no matter where you are, to fulfill that need, I designed “Gym Monster.” I believe sport and fitness lovers would enjoy this product as much as I do.”

Ms. Ying Shen, Vice President of FREES FUND, stated: “The Speediance team have valuable experience in the Consumer Electronics industry, and they thrive in product innovation. They have successfully digitalized the physical weight and transformed the large-size strength fitness equipment to an all-in-one smart workout station which only takes up 3.2 square feet of space when folded up. All these innovations are very meaningful to consumers. Speaking of the market, we notice that many smart home fitness brands have achieved commercial success in the U.S. market, and we believe that Speediance also has great potential in other markets.”

Shipping Information:

Speediance will deliver “Gym Monster” to crowdfunding supporters and other customers that already made a purchase, at the end of April 2022. Check out the official website for more information.

About Speediance

Founded in 2020, Speediance is a promising high-tech startup that aims to manufacture a series of intelligent fitness products with highly valuable content, which is to create a scientific fitness culture and innovating smart fitness scenarios for home gym users.

Through the mode of “hardware + content + AI personal education + community”, it’s built as smart home fitness equipment with strength training. Gym Monster, “Home Folding All-in-One Trainer”, was first launched on Kickstarter on November 9, raised to 560,000 US dollars thanks to the support from backers all over the world.

Speediance will continue to utilize cutting-edge technology to create an ultimate home gym user experience for a new smart way to stay happy and healthy.

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Company Name: ShenZhen Speediance Life Tech Limited
Contact Person: Ziyan Ru
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Country: China

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