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Elect Organization Seeks dApp Creation Funding for a Better Cause

April 13, 2022 – Elect Organization is a new cryptocurrency operating on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. It’s a non-governmental and non-political group comprised of individuals that see the potential of blockchain technology for charitable contributions. Elect Organization is currently seeking funding to build its dApp that can be used by those with Elect Token to create Charity Crowdfunding projects for Myanmar.

Elect Organization creates Elect Token on BSC networks. Designed to fund charitable giving for the people of Myanmar, the Elect Organization also wants to expand its scope to bring its Elect Token to the world through its Elect Project to fund and support humanitarian aid in countries like Myanmar.

Of the funds received from ICO pre-sales, 65 percent will fund well-known organizations from Myanmar to support humanitarian aid in the country wherever it’s needed. Twenty-five percent will be invested in Elect Project’s dApp and blockchain technology for Myanmar, 5 percent will be allocated for marketing and branding for Elect Project, and 5 percent will be invested in Elect Dex.

Elect Organization eliminates the middle man between donors and fund requestors. Recipients of the funds need to declare and demonstrate where the funds will be provided. Only upon approval by the donor will funds be released. The measure ensures full transparency between donors and recipients.

With the Elect Project dApp, every Elect Token holder is considered as a DAO and DAO votes will be included in the Elect Project. Elect Token holders can help decide system policy, roadmap features, and project policy changes.

Elect Organization addresses a lack of quick distribution of funds where they’re needed when time is of the essence. Operational costs, expenses and transactional fees are kept to a minimum, with up to 99 percent of received funds directly distributed to those in need. Donations can be made to the project with any accepted cryptocurrency and it will be converted to EUSD.

Funding for Elect Organization’s dApp is essential and represents an innovative step that will help those in Myanmar providing humanitarian aid. The creation of dApp will enable those holding Elect Token to make charitable contributions to reputable organizations and will be equally applicable for others that want to prioritize charitable giving.

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Company Name: Elect Organization
Contact Person: Arthur
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Country: Burma (Myanmar)

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