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Door-to-Door Custom Suiting and Tailoring Services in Hong Kong

Door-to-Door Custom Suiting and Tailoring Services in Hong Kong

“Elmo Lum, the founder of Allez Tailor”

Allez Tailor is a Hong Kong brand that offers door-to-door custom suiting and tailoring services. The brand has been providing professional styling and design services to fulfil different clients’ needs for the past couple of years. Their goal is to be one of the well-known international brands which bring new design concepts to premium quality tailor-made products for clients.

1. What was the reason to start this business?  

During the period between 50s to 60s, the local bespoke industries flourished. The demand for tailor-made suits rocketed which provided many job opportunities for tailors. Those tailors are still contributing to the industries with exquisite techniques to date. However, the changes in consumption patterns and fast-food cultures have brought big impacts to the market. Compared to the aggressive sales model nowadays, the traditional tailor shops became passive and lacked innovative elements. The phenomenon has inspired Elmo Lum, the founder of Allez Tailor, to establish a tailor-made suit brand that provides private door-to-door fitting service and also provide personal styling design service. 

2. Why is it named Allez? 

Allez is a French word that means “Go” and it is also used in fencing sport. Elmo said, this word can represent their brand’s philosophy, which is providing the remarkable and innovative design service in the most aggressive attitude.

3. How does Allez stand out in such a competitive tailoring market? 

As a non-physical store, we believe that our fitting services are more flexible than the traditional tailor shops. Due to the period of the covid-19 pandemic, the social distance policies have restricted our living styles. Our door-to-door service can fulfil the clients’ needs and provide the fitting service anywhere they want. For the design service, our designers will consider the body shape and study the clients’ habits. Through professional experience and design insights, Allez is able to provide the most suitable cutting and unique style for clients. Furthermore, our tailor-made suits are all produced by the local senior tailors to maintain premium quality.  

4. What is your vision?  

Elmo said Allez’s vision is to flux the local bespoke industries and sustain the development of local traditional tailoring techniques. We believe that the collaboration with local senior tailors can bring positive impacts and design elements to the industries. Our aggressive door-to-door service will bring new experiences to our clients, also provide a high privacy and premium fitting service.

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Phone: +85294317633
Country: HongKong

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