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Dew South Launches Sustainable Zero Waste Multipurpose Cleaner

Eco-friendly, recyclable, completely biodegradable product and package.

July 23, 2021 – People are waking up to the fact that every purchase makes an impact. Even small buys for personal care and housekeeping take a toll on the environment.

Clean home, clean conscience, right? Maybe not. Most household cleaning products claim to be environmentally friendly, but unfortunately, that’s often a lie. That’s why Dew South is launching a genuinely zero waste household cleaner called Neatly.

Mainstream cleaners are made with harmful plastics like PVA or PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol) that do not biodegrade completely. Not only are these materials bad for the environment, but also for consumers. Research has found PVA and PVOH in big-name household cleaning products and product packaging.

Neatly is the only truly plastic-free household cleaner, made and packed in fully recyclable, biodegradable materials. Shipped as a solid concentrate, Neatly dissolves in water to make a powerful multi-use cleaning product.

Use it on glass, ceramic, wood, granite, steel, leather and all other surfaces. Neatly proudly uses biodegradable surfactants that are non toxic to humans or the environment.

About Dew South

Dew South stands for sustainable living. The modern, eco-conscious brand was born from the need to take action and help the environment. With beautiful, quality personal care and household products, Dew South is redirecting consumerism from superfluous to mindful and sustainable. Carbon neutral shipping is available.

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Contact Person: Iryna Rosetti Pacheco
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Country: Canada

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