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DENBA gearing to eliminate food waste through innovative food preservation technology

DENBA+ is a globally patented groundbreaking technology that assures extended periods of food preservation compared to regular preservation mechanisms and without compromising on the nutritional value of food.

Los Angeles, California – November 19, 2021 – Around 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted every year globally. About 1/3rd of the food produced is wasted every year. With the hunger crisis on an alarming rise, such a colossal volume of food waste must be stopped immediately. In that light, Japanese visionary multinational tech company, DENBA Corporation, shows hope. The company has developed a revolutionary globally patented technology that extends the life of foods for much longer time compared to regular preservative methods, and that too without losing nutritional value. 

DENBA+, as the new technology is called, has proven to keep the fruits and vegetables in the fridge fresh for as long as 3 weeks, and when applied to freezing and thawing of seafoods and meats it can retain up to 95% freshness. The technology can be applied in both residential and commercial freezers, commercial cold storage units as well as food transportation trucks and containers. 

In an exclusive interview, the leading spokesperson from DENBA shared that their breakthrough preservation technology is based on an innovative water molecule trigger mechanism.  

“Our globally patented technology utilizes static wavelengths to activate the water molecules present within food. These static waves lead to creation of electric fields in freezers that lengthens moisture crystallization and eventually helps to preserve easily perishable foods”, stated the spokesperson.

“Bacterial growth is the major reason behind rotten foods. This is exactly where our innovative technology comes to help. Our approach of activating water molecules through static wavelengths helps to inhibit bacterial growth in food, thereby extending the freshness of food without compromising on nutritional value. In fact, our breakthrough natural food preservation technology works for a longer period of time compared to traditional food preservation mechanisms like heat-removal freeze technology . We believe, with increased use of  DENBAtechnology, we will be able to stop the staggering volume of food waste that we see today and make positive contributions to address the growing problem of hunger crisis in the coming years.” 

DENBA has designed and developed a number of solutions based on the DENBAtechnology. 

  • DENBA Fresh 

An add-on device based on the revolutionary DENBAtechnology for personal refrigerators.

  • DENBA 2.0 and 3.0

This device is designed for commercial walk-in coolers. DENBA 3.0 is bigger and boasts higher capacity compared to the 2.0 models. It would be more suitable for bigger commercial walk-in coolers. 

  • DENBA Fresh Pro 

While DENBA Fresh is for residential refrigerators, the Fresh Pro is designed for commercial refrigerators.  

“Our patented proprietary technology has ushered in a new standard in the history of food preservation, paving the way for extended and safe food preservation and reduced food waste.” 

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