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Decentralized Yield Farm Game Binapet (BPET) Hit Top Trading Volume

The craziness of NFT is going up increasingly, as one NFT game, Binapet is a decentralized yield farm application. Binapet was developed by a group of superb developers who aimed to build the best DeFi NFT Game in 2021.

Players can play the game and earn money while having a lot of fun by staking dragons and earning BPET as rewards.

Compared to other DeFi and NFT games, Binapet has a lot of advantages. Firstly, Binapet Game is a great combination of traditional game and NFT collectible. Secondly, Binapet is designed with DeFi ecosystem for players to earn profit while having fun. Last but not least, Binapet team has rich experience in game design, which can perfectly weave creative gaming elements into Binapet projects.

Not only does Binapet has advantageous game design, but also it has a perfect ecosystem of Token-omics. BPET is the token of Binapet project with a lot of value. It only took 5 seconds for Binapet to reach hard cap in presale and was listed on PancakeSwap exchange on the same day of initial game launch.

In the game ecosystem, BPET is used to buy dragon “eggs”and“props”. Also, players can exchange their eggs and dragons in Binapet marketplace to earn profit, which of course also use BPET to do the exchange.

Binapet ( was launched in late August and has gained a lot of attention. Its token BPET hit Top 1 trading volume according to Coin98 Wallet statistics, and now it has more than 25000 community members (, with around 5000 from multi-language speaking regions, also with more than 6000 BPET token holders.

Binapet development team has not pre-mined, and has Solidproof and CertiK as audit partner to ensure security. Binapet team can’t mint BPET token. The total volume is 100 million, which is secure and transparent.

Binapet takes players into a fun and adventurous world of digital pets.

95% of the game revenue is returned to the reward pool for all community players to improve player enthusiasm. Binapet team is working its best to contribute to crypto ecosystem.

On 16th September, BPET hit Top Gainer Play to Earn ranking list, and Binapet just announced newly establishment of its 8th local community. Now it has eight local communities including ones in Vietnamese, Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian, Japanese, Filipino etc.



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