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CroVision – Launching the First Native Cronos Wallet Tracker

CroVision is the first wallet and portfolio tracker on the Cronos Blockchain. View all Cronos tokens in one place. Free to use, but packed with premium features for holders of the CROVIS coin, including charts and coin data.

Unless a person has been living under a rock, they cannot have missed’s onslaught on the banking and cryptocurrency world, with high profile marketing in sporting events as varied as Formula 1 racing, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and the Superbowl! With A list actor Matt Damon promoting their brand too, it is a huge move towards the mainstream, challenging the dominance of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance. have launched their own blockchain too, Cronos. They have allowed the cryptocurrency world to piggyback on their platform with creative financial dapps (decentralized applications) in order to expand even further into the crypto space. This is where CroVision comes in.

CroVision – all in one portfolio manager for Cronos

CroVision is the first native cryptocurrency project to be launched on the Cronos blockchain which offers an all-in-one portfolio tracker for Cronos tokens and coins. As investors start buying Cronos based cryptocurrencies it is helpful to have a wallet tracker – a utility application where financial holdings, charts and other financial information can be viewed. In addition, CroVision are integrating yield farming, staking and a swap mechanism to purchase Cornos tokens without leaving the application.

CroVision – Presale sold out in seconds

CroVision had a very successful private sale of $22000, and followed that up with a presale of $30000 (60000 CRO – the utility token). The presale was run through a Cronos launchpad, CrowFi, and was so popular it sold out in less than a minute on Friday 11th February. The excitement and hype was tangible in their Telegram group, as each of the investors clamored to be one of the lucky ones who swapped their CRO tokens for CROVIS, the CroVision token.

Launched with a working app

CroVision already has a working application,, where investors can view their Cronos portfolio securely by just pasting the Cronos wallet address into the website. There’s no need to connect a crypto wallet, so all coins are completely safe when using the platform. The wallet tracker is free for all to use and it is ready to try out today.

What about Premium Features?

Just like Dextools and Poocoin, the CroVision team is offering premium features which will be released to holders of the CROVIS token. The CroVision Devs are working with their community to roll out the new features, making upgrades, and generally developing the best wallet tracker platform for Cronos out there. They have already added Dark Mode functionality, which was a community request, and everyone can view the Trello board of CroVision here! In addition, they are actively encouraging ideas and feature requests here

Further Expansion and Growth

As the first wallet tracker on Cronos, CroVision platform is expected to grow as fast as the Cronos blockchain, with first mover advantage, and mainstream investors pouring in through, finding everything they need to manage their Cronos portfolio. The CroVision team is working on expanding the user base of the app with strategic partnerships and marketing.

For anyone looking for the next big thing, investing in the Cronos blockchain is definitely worth a look, and CroVision is going to be right at the heart of it. This is still very early, so the developers have urged people to “DYOR (do your own research)” and look into this low cap gem to maximize profits!

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