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CatalystXL Is Helping Businesses Bridge Communication Gaps with a No-Code App-Builder Platform, Cardware™

CatalystXL Is Helping Businesses Bridge Communication Gaps with a No-Code App-Builder Platform, Cardware™

Now more than ever, it has become more critical for businesses to maintain connections for the easy dissemination of information between employees, customers, and business partners. To ensure this is done in an orderly, enjoyable and seamless way, CatalystXL, a Detroit-based company, launched an omni-platform, no-code app builder called Cardware™ that makes it faster and easier than ever to curate and disseminate up-to-the-moment information and content in unique, engaging, entertaining and gamified experiences.

The company’s app-builder platform, Cardware, is built on a proprietary system of flashcards that can be organized into decks and cards to house media from text to images to video to chat, which are dynamically populated by integrating existing apps and platforms through an intuitive content management system (CMS). One of the unique features of this omnichannel content and information delivery system is its fast launch time of 48 hours and its easy-to-use CMS. In addition, the mobile apps are white-labeled, intuitively powered for complete control, and set to integrate with existing apps and platforms.

“It’s not hardware. It’s not software. It’s Cardware. We help businesses and brands transform information into knowledge,” the company’s CEO, Mark Russell, stated.

With Cardware, professionals such as digital executives, aspiring leaders, digital or innovation advocates, among many others, are empowered to impart knowledge through digital experiences that captivate, enlighten and inform their employees and clients. For example, the unique app-builder can be used by sales professionals in the field to easily de-clunk their catalogs, making it easier to provide a more informed, digitally appealing catalog to their clients in record time.

Digital executives can also use Cardware to virtually train their staff using learning modules and quizzes on the platform, a distinct advantage that will help such an organization stay ahead of the competition in the new virtual business world. The platform also allows for easy team collaboration in real-time. For instance, a teammate can easily make changes in the middle of a project. Other team members will be immediately updated, pushing real-time content distribution down to the second.

Furthermore, the app is integrated with two-way video conferencing that allows video streams and helps partners and clients catch up and share important updates on the go. For example, during a conference, participants can watch live streams, view speaker bio info, favorite and share content, and learn from thought leaders. Cardware comes with a microblog called the Newsroom to keep written media updates, where new products can be instantly launched. At the same time, users stay on top of the latest news and updates as they instantly receive push notifications in real-time that link to relevant content.

The omnichannel delivery is powered by an intuitive, easy-to-use content management system that can be set for autonomous control. It is also compatible with most operating systems and can be downloaded on smartphones, tablets, desktop browsers, and touchscreen kiosks.

To learn more about CatalystXL, and its innovative app-builder and CMS, Cardware, visit the company’s website. You can also contact the company through any social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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