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Captain Communicator By Blaise Hunter Hits Top 100 List on Amazon In First Week

Captain Communicator By Blaise Hunter Hits Top 100 List on Amazon In First Week
Award-winning author, Blaise Hunter, just released her second book and it’s already a hot commodity.

Blaise Hunter is thrilled and pleasantly surprised by how well Captain Communicator: How To Turn Signals Into Superpowers fared in its first week on Amazon. Her second novel at one point was #58 in Feminist Theology and #66 in Social Activist Biographies & Memoirs. The book is about addressing various areas of our lives that are suffering all because of a lack of empowering communication. Blaise tackles a variety of issues with raw emotion, risky perspectives, heroic honesty, and daring vulnerability. Picture Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus meets Gabor Maté and Louise Hay, written from a feisty social justice warrior perspective.   

“I am in utter shock at how well my words and this book are being received so far. It just goes to show you how much we are needing and craving honest conversations about how we send and receive information. It’s every author’s dream to see their work succeed but the ultimate prize is if we all connect through intentional communication.” Award-Winning Author, Blaise Hunter

When we say there’s a breakdown in various areas of our lives, it’s usually because of a lack of communication. Through her own personal journey of learning and growing, Blaise hopes to provide helpful tools for people to be better communicators. “When we can enter a shared reality with wise communication, we organically improve our connection with ourselves, and this will automatically improve our external communications.”

The human race relies on communicating to survive, yet we are horrible communicators. Every day we experience assumptions, conflict, triggers, and disconnect, but we never really hone our communication skills. Blaise Hunter, the author of Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws & Own Your Awesome, takes you on a journey of becoming a Captain Communicator. Through this brave story of reflection, trauma-healing, and heroism you can learn how to:

• Reduce arguments and turn them into meaningful dialogues.

• Heal the internal wounds by taking control of our narratives.

• Speak the body’s language.

• Become a universal translator.

This book is a deliberate provocation to trigger us forward. Communication is connection. We must connect to the nemesis in our lives and let it propel us into growth. When we grow, we evolve. When we evolve, we become wise. When wisdom and maturity collide, we encounter purpose. When we build a highly sophisticated and emotionally intelligent comms system within, we construct the confidence to fight for our lives. After going through earth-shattering traumas and developing a rare autoimmune disease, Blaise was forced to make a choice. Either stay the course and die—or face the mirror, rewire, and live. These words make up her life. She invites you in to see all the good, the bad, and the ugly. Through it all, we can obtain tools to navigate through life in a brave way. A hero’s journey isn’t about the wins; it’s about how we take the losses and turn them into life-giving superpowers. The misery is our muse.

“Blaise encourages people to be their own Captain Communicator in this amazing book exploring how we communicate to ourselves and others. Like her previous book, Heroine, Blaise invites readers to accompany her on her own journey and provides helpful strategies for better sent and received messages through sharing her own story. From a trauma-informed lens, Blaise encourages folks to think about communicating effectively across all aspects of their lives. Her book is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their communication style.” Jennifer Kusz

Blaise Hunter is breaking barriers with her consulting agency, Blaise the Trail Inc. Known as the Modern-Day Superhero, she contends for people to own their super identity. Blaise is an author, multi-award-winning humanitarian, international speaker, fertility expert, certified human rights advocate, copywriter, Mother of Purpose, and Breaker of Chains. Blaise is on a crusade to fight for social justice, specializing in women’s reproductive health rights. After experiencing three miscarriages of her own, she founded the non-profit group Footprints: Infertility & Pregnancy Loss Support Initiative which is changing the medical system one hospital at a time. She is a multi-faceted CEO who helps people birth their identity, voices, dreams, rights, books, and brands. Blaise is the fertility expert who doesn’t help people get pregnant, but who empowers them to be fertile in their lives, get expectant with purpose, and breathe fire. She was selected to represent Canada at an International Human Rights Summit regarding her work with her NGO and women’s reproductive health rights. Her first book, Heroine: Embrace Your Flaws & Own Your Awesome, was voted top three in Canada for creating a dialogue about pregnancy loss. Blaise lives with her family in British Columbia and her greatest achievement of all is her family.

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