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Blink & Brow Co.: Finest Lash Extension and Eyebrow Services Company

At Blink & Brow Co. customers are presented with the finest lash and eyebrow services that will help bring vivacity to their faces.

Langley, BC, Canada – July 28th, 2021 – Established in 2011, Blink & Brow Co. is one of the first lash extension companies in Fraser Valley. The founder of the company, Dawn Walsh, came with less than $2,000 in her pocket with a dream of opening an eyelash extension service in a place where it was never known to exist.

The dream for Blink & Brow Co. blossomed when Dawn started working out of space in Langley at a salon early in 2011. Hailing from Hawaii, Dawn lived with her two girls in a safe home after escaping domestic violence. The beauty industry had not known about lash extensions until it gained popularity on Oprah’s show, which proved to be a breakthrough for Dawn’s business. She started receiving numerous calls from people, giving her business exponential growth. Due to the business being new to the beauty market, there were not any standardized measures to inspect the business. Dawn states that “this industry was so new that the health authority didn’t know how to inspect us, so I had to work with Fraser Health and Health Canada to establish guidelines.”

Just in the second year of business, many people were keen to learn. Dawn put together a robust training manual and started sharing by teaching how to do lash extensions. Dawn Hired, her first employee and who quickly also became booked up. At Blink & Brow Co., the training is not only certified but qualified. Their lash extension training and lash lifting training is so intensive that it has successfully taught hundreds of students and helped them grow into some of the most elite artists, with many sponsored in the market today. Their classes are Hands-on, with two instructors in every class, for practicum. Furthermore, now Blink & Brow Co. has lash extensions and henna brow services in Vancouver.

Dawn realized that by being self-reliant, others would have been able to leave her violent situation earlier. So the idea came to offer the skill of lash extensions to other women and reach out to anyone vulnerable to help them learn this amazing skill so that they would always have the ability to earn on their own. Dawn started reaching out to local shelters to share this information in hopes of helping others. Blink & Brow Co. offered training for free once a month to those who could benefit. In the present day, Blink & Brow Co. works with over 20 different societies and foundations in BC. Every month, Blink & Brow Co. fully fund training for a maximum of 3 individuals who are currently vulnerable. Working with various foundations’ Blink & Brow Co. receives funding, resources, and support for many. These include victims of domestic violence, at-risk youth, and working closely with Aboriginal and Indigenous folks. The principal goal is that everyone should have access to training. Blink & Brow Co. consistently tries to find a way to make it happen.

In 2020, Dawn initiated a call to the Beauty Council to help establish more safety guidelines for Canada with Lash Extensions. Today Blink & Brow Co. has two locations in Langley, BC, with 12 staff, with the business expanding over social media platforms such as Instagram: @lashextensions, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Contact Person: Dawn Walsh
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City: Langley
State: BC
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