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Blackridge Research Report Finds Ukraine Solar Power Installed Capacity Expected to Reach 10.5 GW by 2025

A new report from Blackridge Research examines the drivers, restraints, government initiatives, regional trends influencing the Ukraine’s solar power installation scenario.

In 2008, the Ukrainian government introduced a FiT (Feed-in-Tariff/Green Tariff) that offers highly competitive and guaranteed Euro-denominated rates for solar power facilities until the end of 2029.

A rush to secure the Green Tariff, which is replaced by an auction-based regime from 2020, has fuelled much of the renewable’s growth (in 2019) and pipeline, especially in wind and solar. The country witnessed a record level of solar capacity addition of – 3933 MW in 2019. However, in the coming years, the installation pace is expected to slow down due to the changes in government policies and regulations.

According to a new report from Blackridge Research, the cumulative solar power installation capacity is projected to surpass 8.16 GW in 2021 and reach more than 10.54 GW by 2025.

“In the last few years, a surge in growth and pipeline in solar and wind was undoubtedly due to investors’ enthusiasm to secure the Green Tariff, which was replaced by an auction-based regime from 2020. While the auction regime would certainly lower returns on investment than the Green Tariff, any reductions should be manageable, depending on the capacity available at each auction, as technological developments continue to lower generating costs.

In order to protect RES producer’s rights, there is an Establishment of stabilization clause guaranteed by the legislation. This provides stability and enhances attractiveness for foreign investors. However, more work needs to be done to regain confidence, build trust and make Ukraine a stable and predictable emerging country.” says Rajashekar Lokam, Principal Analyst with Blackridge Research.


The report, Ukraine Solar Power Market,  consolidate the developments and build a perspective on growth from the point of view of the solar sector, in its current and future role.

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the historical development, the current state of solar power installation scenario, and its outlook.


The majority of data in the report have been derived from multiple bottom-up and top-down analyses, as well as proprietary models, databases, and offerings – Solar Intelligence Hub and Global Projects & Tenders Tracker Service (Ukraine Solar Projects) built from public and exclusive sources over the years.


The insights include but are not limited to the market data, solar PV installation data and capacity additions data and forecast, government policies and regulations, project data (upcoming solar power projects, under-construction projects, and operating/commissioned solar power plants), company profiles of major players, and competitive landscape analysis.


The market research report covers market dynamics, growth potential of the photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar power (CSP) markets, economic trends, and investment & financing scenario in the Ukraine.


Further, the report looks at the current state and assesses the potential of residential, non-residential, and utility-scale solar PV deployment.


Special attention is given to depicting the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and changes in the government policies and regulatory landscape.


The sample of the report is available for FREE download on the Blackridge’s Ukraine Solar Energy Market website.


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About Blackridge Research & Consulting

Blackridge Research & Consultancy is a leading market research and consulting firm focusing on the global energy transformation.

Blackridge Research offers an objective, independent, and holistic view of the markets and vital insights that are not only helpful for making better business decisions, but also for developing transformational business growth strategies.

The company specialises in power generation, power transmission & distribution, energy storage, oil & gas, transportation (EVs), commodities relevant to the energy industry, energy-efficient solutions, and the environmental sector.

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