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Bitunivex Will Invest In Green Crypto Until It Reaches Emission Free Trading, a global crypto currency exchange, regulated and headquartered in Australia, will Invest a portion of its profits into a green crypto project to make its crypto trading emission-free.

BITUNIVEX WILL INVEST IN GREEN CRYPTO UNTIL IT REACHES EMISSION FREE TRADING, a global cryptocurrency exchange regulated, licensed, and headquartered in Sydney, Australia, announces that it will invest a portion of its profits into green crypto until it reaches emission-free cryptocurrency trading.

“Cryptocurrency trading has an awful impact on our environment,” said Mos Bilondi, the company’s CTO. He also added, “each transaction that needs to be confirmed in every single blockchain takes a massive amount of electricity and compute power, which will also consume electricity in itself, and since most electricity comes from fossil fuels, we are adding a lot of CO2 every day for all of our cryptocurrency tradings.” has announced its intention to reinvest a portion of its profits into a project called “green crypto.” Bitunivex will produce as much clean and renewable electricity as needed to get its transaction confirmations done every day in this project. will start this project by creating solar and wind plants and connecting them to the grid. The proceeds from the plants, if any, will go back into the green crypto project. hopes to become the first 100% green crypto platform in the world, in which every single transaction that happens on its platform will be completely emission-free and environmentally friendly.

The company’s executives noted that after they reach 100% emission-free, they will continue reinvesting into the green crypto project until they reach a 100% clean crypto source. In this part of the program, the platform will not only be emission-free in its transactions but also the source of the crypto mining and its liquidities. Bitunivex is committed to its social responsibility as an Australian company.

Additionally, will provide information and a daily newsletter for free to any crypto user, explaining the importance of green crypto and emissions created by our crypto trading and its impact on our planet with what we can do to help it. believes that the green crypto project is essential and that customers need to demand it from their exchange. Therefore, will invite all other regulated exchanges like Binance and Coinbase to join its green crypto project by continuing the same path until crypto becomes completely green. doesn’t believe that this program alone will be enough and asks that everyone take their part in this act and demand this from their exchange and spread the word about this program. will continue to be the frontier of user experience enhancement in cryptocurrency trading. is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that is regulated by Austrac and the Australian Securities and investment commission. is KYC & AML compliant and provides its services globally with crypto and fiat deposit and withdrawal available on the platform. Bitunivex is also connected to the Australian PAYID system.

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