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AvatarBay – An application for all users to create NFTs in the Web3 era.

In 2021, the hype for retail investors on WallStreetBets (WSB) caused a massive shock in the financial world. At the time, GameStop(GME) was about to be delisted, and then skyrocketed due to the hype and community built around WSB, which caused Wall Street short-selling institutions to lose millions from their positions. Some American brokerages such as, Robinhood, even directly closed the trading of GME, AMC, NOK and other hype stocks around WSB. As pressure mounted from WallStreetBets being temporarily inactive and actions from brokerages, it subsequently forced many holders to sell their GME stocks. The event changed the century-old battle between retail investors and Wall Street institutions, it’s a perfect example to highlight what a strong decentralized community can do to affect centralized institutions.

AvatarBay is a collaboration between an Australian company, AvatarBay, and As we approach the new Web3.0 era, new ideas are needed and AvatarBay is a perfect platform for users to explore the infinite opportunities ahead.

As Shakespeare once said, “there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes”. Like Shakespeare, AvatarBay respects all small to medium creators and believes that individual creators also have high possibilities to succeed in the NFT world. Whether you are a naturally talented artist or an ordinary user, anyone can conveniently and efficiently design original PFP NFTs (picture for proof non-fungible tokens) through AvatarBay.


 (AvatarBay’s PFP creation interface)

AvatarBay’s PFP application is now officially launched for all users. Users with no experience with NFTs, no longer need to log in to Opensea for creation, distribution, minting, or sale. After all, the operation process can be very complicated for some new users. Unlike other platforms, AvatarBay’s process is simplified and shortened. Users simply just need to link their wallets and NFTs are ready to mint. Currently AvatarBay provides two design methods: creation of original designs and templates for secondary creation.

There are many initial templates on AvatarBay, it allows users who prefer secondary creation to choose from their favorite designs for modification. Interestingly, these PFP templates are composed of pixel grids, users can fill their canvas with different colors and can add and modify their PFP template arbitrarily. Whether it is the contrast of light and shade, the excessive gradient of similar colors, or other details; AvatarBay has given users a zero-threshold NFT creation platform for all users. This decentralized community has become accessible for users to safely and securely create and sell their PFP NFT hassle-free.

Nevertheless, if you are a creative and imaginative person, why not try to create your own original PFP NFT collection? You can exert all your creativity on these empty pixel grids: adjust the color, chromatic aberration of these grids, arrange or combine them, or any other functions you can think of. Your PFP collection can be created without the interference and restrictions of any centralized institutions. Your collection doesn’t need to be catered to anyone, it is the original intention of AvatarBay, “be brave and do what you want to do”. Art should never be controlled by any centralized institutions and every creator should be equal and free. AvatarBay respects all individual artistic interpretations and possibilities!

AvatarBay: Exhibit the true DAO spirit                                                

The NFT market needs more different and exciting types of artwork and it should not be defined or decided by centralized organizations. AvatarBay is an application and also a great DAO experiment with a lot of potentials to succeed. Following the success of GameStop (GME), AvatarBay has already attracted many to its community and many creative artworks can be found in the marketplace.

AvatarBay’s Token ($AVATAR) has a natural advantage compared to other Tokens controlled by centralized institutions, because $AVATAR is a “decentralized community token” for all stakeholders. It does not have any pre-sale and starts completely from zero, including initial liquidity. Avatarbay’s initial liquidity is mostly came from donations by community members and aims to develop a long-term stable development ecology rather than temporary gains. The main goal of AvatarBay is to cultivate a “community of builders”, where creators, collectors, and investors of the project will all receive considerable $AVATAR rewards. Users can create their own unique NFT in a few seconds or through different templates provided by AvatarBay. Original creators of the NFTs are given a 5.5% royalty of the sale price, each time their NFT artwork is resold in the marketplace; creating a perpetual royalty income of their NFT artwork.

AvatarBay creation process:

1. Click to enter AvatarBay:

2. Link your wallet (authorize Metamask to confirm the link)

3. Create your PFP NFT (create new or select template)

4. Confirm your linked wallet, click to mint now

5. View your NFT in your AvatarBay profile

6. If you see your NFT in your profile, you now successfully created your own NFT artwork

AvatarBay is changing the trend of the NFT market with new “decentralized community-created projects”. In addition to creating individual IPs, community users can also create “community-created collections” and allow more users to participate in the construction of the collection. AvatarBay provides attractive airdrop rewards, rewarding everyone ranging from builders to specific target groups with their NFT IP Token. Holders of $AVATAR will continue to receive airdrop rewards of various NFT IP Tokens in the future.

AvatarBay emphasizes the importance of equality within the community, no matter what role you have or your knowledge about NFTs, AvatarBay wants to create a strong decentralized community for everyone. AvatarBay is not only an application that provides equal creation opportunities, but also a “decentralized” technology product with zero threshold in the NFT market, providing a more beneficial solution for ordinary users as a reward, regardless you are a creator, collector, investor, or a believer of DAO. Join the AvatarBay community today, behold the future of the NFT world and seize the unlimited possibilities and opportunities of the groundbreaking “decentralized community-created projects”.

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