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Autonomous Vehicle Solutions for Commercial Truck Fleets by Vorza

Innovative and state-of-the-art automated tools and fleet management systems help commercial truck fleet owners save money, boost safety and stand out from the crowd

Birmingham, AL – Feb 09, 2022 – Autonomous vehicle technology (AV) is rapidly developing and has the potential to redefine and transform the commercial and severe-duty trucking industries. Birmingham, AL-based Vorza has the expertise that integrates AV management solutions and can support companies with a premier autonomous solution that helps keep fleets ahead of the curve. To support customers with aging truck fleets, which often have difficulty keeping up to date with the cutting-edge infrastructure of autonomous technology, Vorza is introducing a world-class AV solution that makes automatic fleet management even more convenient for commercial truck fleet owners.

In the very near future, trucks equipped with Vorza’s autonomous vehicle management platform will have the capacity to operate without the aid of human drivers, except for some teleoperations. The pre-programmed autonomous trucks can manage their workloads almost entirely unassisted, freeing fleet managers to devote their time and attention to the many demanding tasks of fleet management. “Autonomous vehicle technology is certainly a welcome change to the contemporary commercial trucking fleet scene,” said Michael Darrow, president of Vorza. “In addition to the convenience of driverless operation, AVs ensure improved efficiency for the fleet and substantial cost savings for fleet owners.” 

AV technology is scaling up by leaps and bounds, says Darrow, a veteran engineer specializing in automotive technologies and has developed product pipelines for start-ups and esteemed brands, such as Volvo, GM and Ford. “It gets challenging for fleet owners to keep up with the pace. Vorza and its partners’ state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology provide a breakthrough AV management solution that will catapult commercial fleet customers into the future.” 

The Vorza AV platform integrations are the most crucial component among the benefits of next-gen autonomous vehicles. Integrative technology attached to non-autonomous vehicles transforms existing vehicles into a futuristic fleet of autonomous vehicles. Vorza’s AV technology includes required safety redundancies and new hardware, cameras, sensors, LIDAR, etc that equips the vehicle to continuously scan its environment.  

Considered best-in-class in the commercial trucking industry, Vorza’s AVs are designed with the most advanced technology. Two essential features Vorza and their partners have implemented to make vehicles autonomous are: 

Controller Area Network Bus Systems

The Vorza Controller Area Network Bus Systems, also known as CAN bus, system facilitates full vehicle autonomy by creating a network that allows each Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to easily connect and communicate with other subsystems.   

Drive-by-Wire Systems

Drive-by-Wire, also known as DBW, systems enable a vehicle to break free of dated mechanical vehicular systems and adopt more advanced technology for controlling the vehicle’s functions electronically. Additionally, AV software solutions integrated with Vorza’s state-of-the-art DBW systems experience reduced wear and tear that naturally occurs in traditional mechanical operating systems. 

“Strategically created with the latest technologies, Vorza’s industry-leading AV management solution facilitates greater convenience for commercial and severe-duty fleet managers and keeps their fleets operational and healthy for years,” said Darrow.  

Vorza’s autonomous vehicle solutions are planned for release in the not too distant future.  For more information on Vorza, please visit


Based in Birmingham, AL, Vorza specializes in designing, engineering and developing advanced technology for the commercial and severe-duty vehicle industries. Vorza works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Tier 1 suppliers and other industry leaders to develop and implement innovative technological solutions such as electric vehicles (EVs), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), automated vehicles (AVs), connected vehicles (CVs) and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). 

For more information, please visit 

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