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Austin Tree Services Surprises Homeowner with Free Trees After a Large Tree Removal Procedure

Austin, Texas – After Jackline realized that most of her trees were dying unexpectedly, the homeowner decided to talk to an arborist to understand the cause behind her tree’s deaths. Luckily, the homeowner talked to an arborist from Austin Tree Services, a company that has been operating in Austin for the past 25 years.

When the arborist arrived on the landscape for the tree assessment to understand why the trees were dying,” said Jackline, “he did not need to spend 5 minutes inspecting the trees. The moment he checked the trees, he realized that the family had planted the wrong tree species. He noted that the trees were not adapted to the weather conditions in Texas.”

The homeowner noted that she immediately agreed with the arborist. She told a group of reporters that before moving to Austin, she had been living in New Mexico. She added that most of the trees she brought to her new home in Austin were some of the ones she had loved in her previous home.

Buying trees because they suited your taste in a different landscape proved to be wrong after the arborist noted that all the trees on the landscape would be dead soon,” added Jackline. “When the family asked what needed to be done, the arborist indicated that the trees currently on the landscaped needed to be removed and replaced with something native in this area.”

The homeowner was reportedly under a budget and could manage to finance the removal of the 20 trees standing on her landscape. She, therefore, instructed the Austin Tree Services tree removal team to get started with the procedure immediately.


To see how Austin Tree Services has been helping homeowners, read this story:

The company’s tree removal team arrived on the landscape on the same day,” said Jackline. “It was surprising to see a company that had such good coordination. The companies the family had used in the past always delayed tree maintenance procedures so they could have enough time to organize. However, from the look of things, Austin Tree Services always had a team waiting to help homeowners.”

The team reportedly removed 5 trees on the first day because the procedure was initiated quite late. According to the homeowner, the tree removal team arrived on her landscape at 1 pm and worked for 5 hours—the team reportedly removed one tree per hour.

On the second day, the company arrived at 8 am and worked for a total of 10 hours, leaving the landscape at 6 pm,” said Jackline. “By the time the team was leaving the landscape, another 10 trees were gone. The team reportedly finished the tree removal procedure on the third day.”

The homeowner was impressed when the team collected the waste after removing the final tree. The team of tree cutting professionals from Austin Tree Services reportedly collected the leaves, branches, and tree trunks. The team also collected the tree stumps and sawdust. Jackline noted that by the time the team was leaving, her landscape was cleaner than it had been before the tree removal procedure.

The family expected the team to be done with the landscape after removing the trees,” said Jackline. “However, today the company surprised everyone after arriving on the landscape with 20 planting trees. The company’s driver noted that the Austin Tree Services CEO had decided to present the free trees as a gift to her.”

The family cannot thank Austin Tree Services enough,” said Jackline. “The company handled a complicated procedure at a very affordable price and went ahead to present the family with planting trees. This is a company the family would recommend to friends and family.”

Austin Tree Services has its base of operation at 5555 N Lamar Blvd #111, Austin, TX 78751, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 512-982-4843 and [email protected]

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Company Name: Austin Tree Services
Contact Person: Douglas Andrews
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Phone: 512-982-4843
Address:5555 N Lamar Blvd #111
City: Austin 78751
State: TX
Country: United States

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