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Artificial Intelligence Solution Enables Marketers to Take Control of Their Visual Asset Libraries

NEW YORK, NY, January 18, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Infolytx, an innovative artificial intelligence (AI) software development company, released its latest AI solution Visualytx to improve visual asset discovery and management for marketing and advertising companies, helping them save time and money. With hundreds of thousands – even millions – of photos, illustrations, and other visual assets housed within a digital asset management (DAM) system, photo repository or local server, marketers and designers can often spend hours searching and comparing visuals for a project.

According to a study by Canto, a third (33.4%) of people working in marketing spend nearly three weeks per year searching for pictures, videos, and other digital files. The inability to quickly find and use visual assets for projects often leads to unnecessary creative re-work, digital asset waste, and other costly, time-consuming practices.

This lost time is most often caused by visual assets having few, if any, descriptive data points—known as metadata. This metadata, which is typically added manually, is critical to accelerating and improving asset discovery and management.

Visualytx uses computer vision technology and robust object detection models to quickly identify thousands of visual elements within an asset and automatically adds the metadata. The API-based solution works with any existing DAM, local storage, or proprietary system, and tags can be applied to existing assets and bulk uploads.

Key features of Visualytx include:
• Detection and Tagging: Automatically identifies and labels objects, people, scenes, actions and concepts found in images.
• Facial Detection: Compares facial features to an end-users pre-defined image set to detect and verify faces.
• Visual Similarity: Finds duplicate or similar photos eliminating the tedious task of manually sorting and reviewing images.
• Contextual Categorization: Applies abstract properties to images, such as sunny, rainy, office, etc. to further enhance asset discovery.
• Object Localization: Identifies and tags exactly where an object appears in an image and how many instances of that object are in a scene.

Additionally, marketers can employ Visualytx to detect and tag custom objects of interest, such as company logos, buildings, employees, products, etc. With this rich metadata, companies can more quickly find and remove non-compliant assets, such as images showing closed stores or an old logo.

“Many marketers and designers spend significant time manually searching and comparing images for their projects, and often overlook assets because they weren’t tagged, and were therefore undiscoverable,” said Infolytx CEO Badrul Husain. “We built Visualytx specifically to address the needs of agencies and big brands that have enormous visual asset libraries and require robust detection, tagging, and recognition capabilities, as well as an easy way to customize the detection models for their specific needs.”

For more information on Visualytx, visit

Infolytx is an innovative artificial intelligence software development company that helps small and midsize businesses apply machine learning, computer vision, conversational AI, and natural language processing to solve critical business needs. Customers gain immediate value using Infolytx’ API-based solutions or AI Accelerators which can add powerful capabilities to existing products or accelerate development of a custom solution. For more information, please visit

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