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Amazon Prime Day: Cotre Walkie Talkies Deals

Even though smartphones have taken over the world by storm, products like Walkie Talkie radios also assume importance during these tough pandemic times. Cotre has announced stunning discounts for their award winning Cotre Walkie Talkies as part of the Amazon Prime Day. The company is throwing away massive 80% discount for all Cotre Walkie Talkies. The offer will be valid only on June 21 and June 22.

Cotre Walkie Talkies

The Cotre Walkie Talkies is a two way radio with up to 32 miles long range and 2662 channels. The Walkie Talkie provides support for NOAA, weather alerts, VOX scan including LED lamplight for outdoor activities. The unit can be charged via USB and there is no need to run for batteries. The product package includes two Walkie Talkies. As part of the Amazon Prime Day, the Cotre Walkie Talkies will be available for $36.79 instead of the retail price of $45.99 with an ultimate discount of 80%, which is really unbeatable.

Cotre Walkie Talkies for Kids

Cotre also manufactured exclusive Walkie Talkies for kids. The Cotre Walkie Talkies for Kids includes 9 channels and 5 call tones. The unit delivers 1-15 miles long range paired with belt clips and lanyard. The Cotre Walkie Talkies for Kids will be suitable for outdoor hiking and adventure gaming purposes. The addition of advanced anti-interference technology reduces noise and produces crystal clear sound irrespective of the surroundings. The calling functionality can be activated just by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. The Amazon Prime Day deal for the three pack Cotre Walkie Talkies for Kids will be $31.99 instead of the list price of $39.99.

Cotre Walkie Talkies

Cotre also released Walkie Talkies with IP67 waterproof capabilities. With up to 32 miles talk range and 2662 channels, the Cotre Walkie Talkies provides support for SOS and VOX. The COTRE Swan 2 way Walkie Talkies includes 22 FRS channels with 121 sets of CTCSS privacy codes. The water-resistant Walkie Talkies are resistant to water via IP67. The floating ability makes the radio perfect companion for boating, fishing and water skiing. The floating lamplight will be automatically activated upon accidental dropping into the water. Even though the retail price is $89.99, Amazon has listed the Cotre Walkie Talkies for $69.99. However, the Prime Day offer will be further down to $55.99 for a pack of 2 units.

Cotre Walkie Talkies

COTRE DMR is a digital/analog two way walkie talkies with a long range of 430-470Mhz UHF. The COTRE DMR offers enhanced communication and clear voice when compared with Analog radios. With 1937 channel options, the Cotre Walkie Talkies are designed in durable and simplified form factor. The integration of 16 channels with 121 subcodes provide efficiency and privacy. The unit is capable of resisting drop from 4ft high and can be used comfortable because of the anti-slip grip. The battery will last for up to 15 hours, which is enough for all day usage. The radio can be used for all major outdoor activities such as biking, camping, hiking, fishing and much more. The Cotre Walkie Talkies ships with customized features such as Scan, VOX, SOS, Monitor and Encryption. The COTRE DMR Walkie Talkies will be available at $31.99 instead of the retail price of $39.99 as part of the Amazon Prime Day.

Cotre Walkie Talkies for Adults

Cotre Walkie Talkies for Adults provides support for 2662 channels with up to 32 miles long range. The radio also ships with a dedicated LED Lamplight with support for NOAA, VOX, Scan and Weather Alerts. Cotre Walkie Talkies for Adults features 22 FRS channels with 121 sets of CTCSS privacy codes including earphone jack, USB charging port and IPX4 waterproof keypad. The integration of 11 weather channels enable users to listen to weather conditions. The Cotre Walkie Talkies for Adults will be available for $63.99 instead of the retail price of $79.99.

The Cotre Walkie Talkies will be available at discounted price starting June 21 to June 22. Amazon Prime Day comes once in every year and hence grab the Walkie Talkies now to save money. It’s time to work with premium Walkie Talkies to detox from the world of smartphones for at least 30 minutes per day.

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