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AIM Biotech Reviews Techniques to Improve T Cell Efficacy Using the Company’s Organ-on-a-Chip Technology (3D Cell Culture Plate)

Singapore & Boston, MA — July 26, 2021 –- AIM Biotech is providing an update on a technique using its organ-on-a-chip platform to further improve T cell efficacy. The Company’s 3D cell culture chips are being used in preclinical research to better understand Adoptive T Cell Immunotherapy, and, specifically, improve cancer treatment options with allogeneic (universal donor) engineered T Cells that could have fewer off target effective and greater capacity to kill cancer cells.

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Key Takeaways:

  • AIM’s 3D cell culture chips are helping researchers bring about the next-generation of T-Cell therapies
  • A technique used by one research group revealed a certain type of engineered T-Cell had lower off-target effects and was more effective at killing cancer cells
  • This is another example of how AIM’s predictive platform is being used as a beneficial tool in cancer research to improve the probability of success

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AIM gives researchers 3D human biology-on-a-chip to revolutionize their preclinical drug discovery and molecular research. At its core is the AIM Chip, a specialized 3D microfluidics device that makes it easy to generate relevant human data from disease-specific assays. Researchers are able to create their own assays or apply validated protocols, which include angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, metastasis, immuno-oncology, and 3D culture of tumor samples. AIM Biotech is located in Singapore and Boston, MA.


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