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Agon has recently announced a new song: WE CAN’T GET INSOMNIA

Agon is a rap artist who developed a distinctive sound, straddling the line between a huge range of free-form musical influences. From the soothing flow of modern hip-hop, down to the energy of hip-hop, and even the melodies of pop, there is truly no limit to what this amazing artist can accomplish, because he is always looking for unique ways to expand his sonic formula and expand his broad range of creative influences. Lately, Agon has been on a roll, announcing a schedule of amazing releases for 2022. After such a series of tough years due to COVID-19 and all the political unrest around the world, Agon’s mission to spread positive vibes feels more important than ever, and he is committed to keep reaching out to people. Storytelling has been Agon’s greatest skill and most primary mission. His vision is not only to inspire, but to wake people up and let them understand that they CAN have the life they want, if only they reach out and get it. He can articular this concept really well in human terms, and his rap is like poetry, or like pages from a book. When you listen to Agon rap so flawlessly, you can almost feel the writer speaking to you directly, as if the song was made specifically for you.

Agon’s most recent studio work, WE CAN’T GET INSOMNIA, is indeed a dynamic and one-of-a-kind example of what he is all about. The music reveals the artist’s life-long passion for his craft, and it feels like a fantastic introduction to his distinctive feel. WE CAN’T GET INSOMNIA comes highly recommended to fans of artists like Eminem, Mac Miller, and Juice WRLD. Agon is able to capture the very same independent spirit of masterful creativity with his unique delivery, while also allowing his sound to tell a powerful story to share with the audience. In this particular case, Agon looked back at one of his willingness to follow his dreams. He is all about working for what makes his life brighter, and hustle hard to make it happen! This is a very self-affirming song, which will remind people that it is definitely possible to live the life you envision, if you are willing to take the leap and chase your dreams, no matter what! The lyrics are particularly interesting, offering a personal and intelligent perspective on a timeless topic, in such a way that it is so easy to relate to.

The song’s artwork is actually quite amazing as well, depicting a beautiful nature shot, as the artist looks at the landscape with a dreamy vibe. The concept of the track is that we should remember that life itself is actually a dream, so we really don’t need to fall asleep in order for us to dream. We only need to remember that life is the dream itself, and even if we are awake, we can still dream – As the great late Juice WRLD would have put it, it’s all about “lucid dreams!”

Agon has an intensely melodic style, which transpires in the song’s introduction especially. The beautiful synth pads have a very harmonic and textural quality, which makes the song stand out from the get-go. Soon after, the drum section comes in, adding more energy, but without ruining the atmospheric vibe of this wonderful composition. The synth parts are in fact quite dreamy themselves, giving the whole meaning of the song an even greater and more intuitive realness. This is light and melodic rap music with huge electronic drums, providing the rhythm component and allowing the vocals to have a strong backbone where to unfold. The upbeat attitude of his message underscores the intention of the whole song, giving it a very special flavor.

This amazing studio work readily conjures warm melodies and pleasing sound design elements, giving the music a much more memorable and immersive feel. This release is meant to take the listener on a musical journey, forgetting the usual surroundings and exploring a different dimension of sonic bliss. From the entrancing rhythm, to the textures of the vocal melodies, anything goes.

The atmospheric textures of the production hit like a surreal and splendorous dream, while the artist’s vocal style is instantly easy to relate to. After all, great music feels like a perpetually mutating organism, with artists intent on reshaping their sound and character to try new ideas. This is exactly what Agon managed to bring to the table with WE CAN’T GET INSOMNIA: Lots of new ideas and a unique approach.

Find out more about Agon, and do not miss out on WE CAN’T GET INSOMNIA. This release is going to be available on streaming platforms from 25.03.2022.

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