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Adam Tracy Launches Blockchain Scholarship for Aspiring Student Innovators

Entrepreneur and High-Risk Business Consultant Adam Tracy Offers Scholarship to Students who Have an Interest in Development, Cryptography and Entrepreneurship of Blockchain Technologies

Everyone knows how risky it can get in the world of business. One of the best ways to reduce this risk is by attending several years of university to become acquainted in the field of business. A course in business in university is what most aspiring entrepreneurs would take to find success in their future. However, not everyone with a passion for business and innovation can have the privilege to attend or even afford to go to a university.

Life without a stable source of income is extremely difficult. You can imagine the number of sacrifices someone who doesn’t have a source of income has to make to get by. One such sacrifice is forgoing their education and working a job at a minimum as soon as they graduate from high school.

However, if you happen to have a passion for the science, business, innovation and being an entrepreneur, why not consider applying for a scholarship by Adam Tracy. The Adam Tracy Blockchain Scholarship is a scholarship that aims to, identify promising candidates across three blockchain-related disciplines: development, cryptography, and entrepreneurship. Three scholarships worth $1000 are to be awarded based on each of the 3 blockchain disciplines.

The requirements that are needed to potentially get awarded this scholarship are easy as applicants only have to be college students or high school seniors who have been accepted/enrolled into a four-year program offered by any university. Other than U.S residents and citizens, international students are also eligible to apply making this scholarship open to all who have a keen interest in blockchain, entrepreneurship or the sciences.

Interested students only need to provide a 1,000 word written essay describing blockchain technology and its impact on the future.

The scholarship program is offered by the namesake entrepreneur and blockchain expert Adam Tracy. He is a seasoned advisor and consultant with many years of experience in high-risk industries which helped develop his understanding of the field. Having spent many successful years in the field, he now is hoping to give back by helping foster great minds for the future. Through the Adam Tracy Scholarship, he aims to achieve this goal by allowing aspiring entrepreneurs, who might not have the proper means to attend a school with high-quality education, a chance to fulfill their passion in business and become as successful as he was in the field during his time.

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