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Acclaimed children’s book author Claudia Gouveia unveils Ellie Fairy book series

Young readers and adults alike are in for another fun adventure as author Claudia Gouveia brings the Ellie Fairy kids book series, featuring new adventures of Ellie and her friends along with valuable life lessons.

Author-creator Claudia Gouveia has unveiled Ellie Fairy, a 17-book series that entertains and teaches children valuable lessons they will carry on in life.

Ellie Fairy is a fun, exciting, and friendly little girl who loves to spend time in her tree house or outside in her yard. 

While playing with her friend, Sandy Skunk, Ellie Fairy meets an elegant and sweet bee. After introducing themselves, the three form a fast friendship learning about Ellie Fairy’s favorite things.

“The Ellie Fairy kids book series is a collection of stories that find a connection among friends of all backgrounds. Every adventure showcases stories of truthfulness, kindness, bravery, and nurturing relationships,” explains Claudia. 

While creating the book series, Claudia thought about bringing a character in the form of Ellie who would have unique adventures, all while being a courageous little girl and a true friend.

“The thing is, Ellie Fairy is based on real-life events that happened to me as a kid. It’s funny that somehow, the book series has become sort of a family legacy narrative,” Claudia adds.

In a review, Cristina Cunha lauded the book for presenting “such a cute and creative story,” as she looks forward to reading more of Ellie Fairy’s adventures.

Frank Gravato, meanwhile, says his young son, David, loves Ellie’s story and is one of his favorites to fall asleep to at night.

“Not many things grab his attention, but Ellie Fairy is one that did, and we’re glad that we bought this book,” Frank said in his review.

On the other hand, Raquel described the book as an “easy read for the kids with full of color and friendship on every page.”

Claudia was born in Portugal in 1982. As an only child, she spent most of her days alone but always found creative ways to entertain herself.

At the age of seven, her parents decided to move to the United States. In a new country, with no friends or siblings, Claudia spent her days in her bedroom writing, drawing, coloring, and reading books by Berenstain Bears and The Busy World of Richard Scarry.

“During those years, I always thought about writing stories, but I never had the chance to take it further until Ellie Fairy’s character popped up in my mind some years ago,” Claudia shares.

Claudia said a near-death experience fueled her to view her life differently. It made her decide to make drastic life changes. 

During the process of discovering what she wants to pursue, she remembered her childhood’s passion for books, reading, and creating stories. 

This phase of deciphering her purpose led her to discover Ellie Fairy and her fun and life-changing adventures. 

Young readers and parents alike who want to get a copy of the Ellie Fairy book series may visit its website to learn more.

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