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A World First in Medical Device Integration and Critical Care Telemedicine

At this year’s MENA International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth, OneSource Solutions International announced the release of its flagship product OneSource Connect (R) RMS (remote monitoring system). CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Harold Arkoff, described OneSource Connect (R) RMS as a novel solution that enables real-time “Connected Health,” and represents the world’s first ventilator centric, vendor agnostic remote viewing system. By providing real-time data viewing and connecting all the medical devices around a patient, OneSource Connect (R) RMS is unique in health IT solutions for the hospital.

Dr. Arkoff explained, “Traditional central stations focus on the heart and display ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, other invasive pressure waveforms and pulse oximeter. They do not integrate and display important settings and alarms from the ventilator. Nor do they display data in a view that trends these complex data sets into easy-to-understand visuals, allowing trained professionals to readily identify which patients are doing well, which are stable, and which need immediate attention.”

OneSource Connect (R) RMS features an infrastructure that can be held in just one hand. For each connected hospital bed, one small medical grade Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) box is installed at the bedside, connected to the patient monitor, ventilator and infusion pumps. This IoMT gateway connects to the palm sized OneSource Connect (R) RMS server, whether wirelessly or via a wired network. Unlike other current middleware solutions, its MESH network and 5G capabilities can be rapidly deployed and is easily scalable for use in the hospital, at home for hospitalized home care, and even ambulances.

This vendor agnostic solution is the world’s first medical device integration technology that can capture and time synchronize video, waveforms, and data to the millisecond, drawing from medical devices found in the hospital and newer Bluetooth devices now entering the market. Dr. Arkoff demonstrated these capabilities live. Connecting a pulse oximeter from both a patient monitor and a Bluetooth device, OneSource Connect(R) RMS integrated and synchronized the waveforms to both a monitor and amazingly, to attendees’ own phones.

Dr. Arkoff concluded his remarks by explaining that the OneSource platform’s open architecture will lower barriers for adoption of new technologies in the market by allowing all stakeholders to add value. From data scientists to help accelerate adoption of AI and precision medicine, to medical device manufacturers to integrate newer products into hospitals, the OneSource platform’s breakthrough technology makes big data accessible.

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About Us: About OSSIOSSI is a Healthcare Information Technology and Medical Device Manufacturing company that serves healthcare professionals. The company creates products that help healthcare teams communicate, collaborate, and coordinate their efforts, turning big data into actionable information.

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Name: Harold Arkoff, MD
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Organization: OneSource Solutions International (OSSI)
Address: 22 Union Ave Suite #6 Sudbury, MA 01776
Phone: 617-875-4939

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Release ID: 89072365

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