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A Full Guide On JeetKune Do Training Exercises Released At Survivalfitnessplan

A Full Guide On JeetKune Do Training Exercises Released At Survivalfitnessplan
For those who want to fight the Bruce Lee way by learning about his fighting style philosophy of JeetKune Do, there is good news. has just come up with the beginner’s guide explaining this fighting style,exercises, and tips.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia – Jul 1, 2021 – It is not hidden from anyone that Bruce Lee has come with his own hybrid form of fighting, JeetKune Do (JKD) (meaning the way of the intercepting fist). There is also a book on the same. However, what if someone does not want to go through the book and just wish to know about its training exercises and tips for the beginners? This is where the recently launched full guide at will come into action.

The guide seems to be quite comprehensive for beginners. It starts by explaining what is JeetKune Do along with its philosophy and its four principles. It then goes deep enough to reveal five JKD training exercises, tips on the same, and FAQs.

Perhaps, the most enlightening section is JeetKune Do and other Martial Arts wherein the writer, Sam Fury, has compared JKD with martial arts such as Karate, Wing Chun, and MMA. This truly gives an insight into how JKD is different from these popular fighting styles. The FAQs also address some of the most intriguing queries.

According to Sam Fury, “Bruce Lee is one of the most esteemed martial artists who has come up with his style of fighting. The revealed JKD training exercises in this post exhibit the agility and philosophy of this style. I am happy to cover this topic, as it definitely caters to the goal of sharing training materials for those who can train themselves at their own leisure so that they can survive in any situation. They need not stick to the typical survival skills but expand them to be more effective and protective.”

About is a dynamic portal that is dedicated to survival and fitness. It aims to share information on how a normal individual can self-train in subjects related to Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE). The training subjects can range from outdoor pursuits to martial arts. Right now, it is getting more views for its JeetKune Do guide.

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