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7LuX Launches Its 20k NFTs on OpenSea Despite the Downward Trend of Cryptocurrency and Digital Art Trading

Even if the JPG NFT Index is down by more than 70% since its inception in April (CoinMarketCap), there are some people who are still hopeful and have long-term faith in technologies, NFTs’ direction, and decentralized movement.

Like RD. Tony, the CEO/Co-Founder of 7LuX NFT project. Openly, he shared that since 2021, the NFT industry has experienced both significant rise and fall along the way. “There are many great projects in the market already and they’re definitely the important jigsaws in building a memorable history of the decentralized world.”

7LuX project is a 20,000 NFT collection based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721A) presenting the beautiful diversity from different countries around the world through the “New LuXury” concept and aiming to build an exclusive global community with global connections called “Entrepreneurial Hub.”

According to TeamLuX, the 7LuX NFT project’s official launch will be on July 7, 2022, starting from 1:00 PM UTC. All 20,000 NFTs will be available on OpenSea in the form of loop animation, known as “Unrevealed LuX Pass.” By holding the pass and verifying themselves, the persons are given access to enter the Entrepreneurial Hub community on 7LuX’s Discord server forthright. 

Besides the New LuXury concept TeamLuX calls their own for representing the NFTs, the purpose of creating 7LuX project is making all 7LuX’s holders’ experience the most exclusive. TeamLuX revealed that “Looking through our roadmap and missions we have set upon ourselves, many of you will see how we value community, diversity, and life-long learning, importantly.”

By entering the Entrepreneurial Hub, “7LuX’s holders or we call LuXer will be made to feel at home, so they are comfortable to start exploring different channels and making new meaningful connections. They can talk with each other in LuXer-Chat, discuss business-related topics in Entrepreneurship Club, and connect with our team in TeamLuX-to-LuXer. Certainly, they can promote their businesses, join our weekly Twitter Space or Voice Channel in Discord, and also participate in many more upcoming activities and events.”

TeamLuX explained that they are determined to make the Entrepreneurial Hub a strong global community where their holders can come to share stories, experiences, and knowledge about entrepreneurship especially to enrich themselves and grow their communities and businesses. 

“Personally, I’m amazed that we’re bringing 7LuX’s potential out to the world by pushing beyond all the limits. As long as our fundamentals are strong and united, I believe that 7LuX will stand in the NFT industry proudly and we won’t have to fear for the future,” said RD. Tony.

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