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SAN DIEGO, CA, April 29, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — SMSbiotech announced today that Dr. Peter Wagner has joined the company as an advisory board member to lend his wealth of knowledge to the research and development of Small Mobile Stem (SMS) cell therapies that will help in providing lung tissue treatment for diseases such as COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Dr. Wagner joined the faculty at the University of California, San Diego, in 1970 and remains there today as Emeritus Faculty. After accepting his postdoctoral position from Dr. John West, one of the world’s most noted physiologists, Dr. Wagner was able to work on a NASA grant to study gravitational effects on lung function, which opened the door to several opportunities during his career.

His research has made extraordinary contributions to respiratory physiology. This research addresses the theoretical and experimental basis of oxygen transport and its limitations in the lungs and skeletal muscles utilizing mathematical modeling, cellular and molecular biology, and whole-animal and human research projects in the context of health and disease.

Dr. Wagner has served as President of the American Thoracic Society, President of the American Physiological Society, and Division Chief of both Physiology and Pulmonary Critical Care at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine. He has also served as chair of the National Institutes of Health study sections.

“As a physician-scientist who has studied COPD, I know how sad it is to follow the progression of patients with incurable, irreversible disease to their inevitable outcome,” says Dr. Wagner in regards to advising for SMSbiotech. “The hope of regenerative therapy using small mobile stem cells, therefore, carries huge potential. The exciting key finding is that these cells promote a coordinated response that may lead to regeneration of all three components of lung tissue – the epithelial cells lining the airways, the endothelial cells forming the lung capillaries, and the intervening matrix that holds these two cell types together to provide essential structure to the lung.”

Richard Borror, CEO of SMSbiotech, stated, “Having Dr. Wagner join SMSbiotech at such a pivotal time in our scientific development for devastating lung diseases will help set us apart from other therapies and help the lives of thousands that suffer from lung related diseases such as COPD.”

In addition to welcoming Dr. Peter Wagner, we are proud to announce we have received significant funding from a prominent investment firm. This investment will further the research, development, and implementation of SMS cell technology for COPD and Pulmonary Fibrosis.

About SMSbiotech

SMSbiotech Inc. is an early-stage C-Corp based in San Marcos, California. SMSbiotech’s vision is to build a new generation of effective biotherapies, that are affordable and available to the masses, utilizing its unique platform technology.

About Platform Technology of SMSbiotech

SMSbiotech has developed a proprietary technology for manufacturing allogeneic SMS cells and derivatives at industrial scale. SMS cells are human adult stem cells with unique characteristics that makes them conducive to large scale, therapeutic applications. This technology will address diverse indications related to regenerative medicine.


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