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Introducing Sheehan Brothers Imports

Introducing Sheehan Brothers Imports
Sheehan Brothers
Proud to introduce the Sheehan Brothers. Sheehan Brothers is a licensed wine importer, distributor, and wholesaler paving the way for every wine connoisseur to have the best glass of wine.

New York, NY – April 16th, 2021 – Proud to introduce the Sheehan Brothers. Sheehan Brothers is a licensed wine importer, distributor, and wholesaler paving the way for every wine connoisseur to have the best glass of wine. They import and distribute wines from Europe and South America. James Sheehan is the CEO and Peter Balsamo is the COO.

Enjoy wine from the team of dedicated staff that pays optimal attention to proper wine preservation (using wine cellar and vineyard) and is a seamless wine distributor to customers around the United States and beyond. With a reputation of good practices, quality wines, and ascertained producers’ hygienic production process, they have lead the wine importation and distribution chain for years.

Life is too short for bad wines, the more reason everyone deserves to discover and taste really good wine every day. The Sheehan Brothers is a company focused on importing and distributing wines. They distribute wine to the USA from Italy, France, Portugal, California, South America, and Spain. They ensure seamless distribution of wholesale wine to different retailers. They supply different varieties of wines, including French wines, Portugal red and white wines, Spain wines, California wines, and more…

French wines

They are an importer of French wines. French wines are definitely some of the top wines in the wine industry. France has enjoyed years of unequal reputation as the source of tasteful, quality wines. Different varieties produced therein has enjoyed customers’ interest and trust. Though French wines are beginning to lose this maintained reputation, France still offers some of the best varieties for those who know their wines and know how to source them. Sheehan Brothers know their wine and source every wine paying careful attention to customer demand. They are an importer of French wines since the 1900s that bring you closer to natural and safe wines produced in France. Not just any regular wine, but those with high quality, and with this ability, they have consolidated of interest of the true wine enthusiasts

California wines

California is another home of good wines. Given its rich soil and terroir. California wines are fortified with fruits like grapes, giving a unique and refreshing taste wine lovers around the world cannot resist. Wine producers in this region further maximize the benefit of the land and the earned reputation to provide different wines. This way, every wine lover has something to say about California wines. Sheehan brothers also exploit this opportunity to source the best wines produced in California. They work with producers that do not tamper with wine qualities or compromise on production hygiene to provide the best wine for their customers. This brings them the commitment of a supporting natural ecosystem. Their badge is therefore found on only trusted wines.

Portugal wines

Portugal is the 11th largest world wine-producing country with the 8th largest vineyard in the world. The region has won several awards, a representation of quality and integrity. Wine in Portugal symbolizes tradition. This region produces the best red and white wines that have been trusted and consumed by many for countless years. Again, Sheehan Brothers outperform its competitions in the realm. Sourcing quality wines, red or white, from Portugal and making them available for every wine lover.  

Spain wines

Spain has it all good for wine production; whether it is culture, geography, or climate, the region has all it takes to produce wines of spectacular taste and variety. The history of wine in Spain is so old that it is not easy to trace anymore. However, what is certain is the chance of getting drunk on Spain wines without feeling it, Spain also produces noticeable numbers of red wines, and red wine production outnumbered white wines produced. Sheehan Brothers is the tunnel linking the United States to varieties of Spain wines available in different tastes and prices, but all-satisfying and refreshing.

South America wines

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Production of wine in South America goes back to about 1500 years. Early production wasn’t adequate. However, recent development has improved the quality of wines produced in this region and has earned the region reputation among wine producers. The Sheehan brothers source the best wine in South America and make it available in all American markets. Enjoy the taste of unadulterated wines produced by qualified and meticulous wine producers from South America.

James Sheehan (CEO): “We all deserve a time away either alone, with friends or with families, and believe me, nothing beats a good wine to perfect those moments. Introducing our brand is one of the greatest achievements we’ve recorded. We, as a company, are wine lovers interested in giving every wine connoisseurs good wines that satisfy their taste bud and refresh every moment. We are importers with history, and the love for wines runs in our blood.”

Peter Balsamo is the COO: “I always find inspiration in the world of Benjamin Franklin. “The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.” For me, wine is life, it is every moment, and I want to live more while ensuring that people everywhere taste better wines every day and occasionally. We perceived something big, but the dream does not start from being the largest wine importer in the United States; it starts from being the best wine importer everyone can trust. I know this is achievable through seamless operation and quality wine sourcing, and we are doing that every day and every moment.”

The Sheehan Brothers

For this brand, importation and distribution of wine goes back to 1919 after the First World War, and it all started with Ditta Claretta e co, S.p.A established by Count Camillo Claretta Assandri to the formation of Sheehan Brothers in 2017. Since its establishment, it has maintained an impressive record, an obvious result from impeccable customer relationships and adventurous wine importation. For several years, the Sheehan Brothers wine importing and distributing line enjoys market demand by sourcing wines that satisfy consumers in taste and quality. They import wines that are uniquely made by careful producers who respect both their wines and consumers’ safety.

Enjoy quality wines. Wine is for every moment; it is a perfect buddy when you are down and when you have something to celebrate. A cup of wine is everything more, and for every wine lover, it is not just wine but good wines. In the word of Napolean Bonapart, “In victory, you deserve Champagne. In defeat, you need it.”

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