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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using A Charcoal Grill

Charcoal Grill

Pune, India — If entertaining your friends and family is at the top of your to-do list this holiday, you could never go wrong by igniting your grill for a tasty BBQ. If you have interacted with various grills, you have probably realised that the charcoal grill fosters the most scrumptious meals. Choosing convenience is selecting from a broad range of gas and electric models. But the smoky aroma from their charcoal counterparts is unmatched.

Let’s face it; charcoal grills need extra effort in maintenance. Often, this contributes to the quality of your meals. We want to ensure that your BBQs don’t suffer at the hands of these errors by avoiding the top five mistakes that charcoal grill owners make.

Not Cleaning the Grill Before Cooking

You need to keep up with your charcoal grill’s regular cleaning and maintenance for a tip-top condition. This cuts across to all public and private grills.

Once you are done cooking, getting a hold of your taste buds can be tricky. You may choose to postpone the cleaning for later. However, that later may never come leaving remnants from the previous cooking session. Remnants are not as innocent as they look and can cause harm if taken. Be sure to preheat the grill to remove the food particles easily. A stiff wire brush can handle stubborn stains.

Failing to Properly Use Your Chimney Starter When Lighting Coal

You can’t separate your charcoal grilling from the fuel itself. Taking your time during coal preparation contributes to a delicious BBQ.

How about trying the easier way out by using lighter fluids. However, this could cost your stake’s flavour. Charcoal grill pros recommend using a chimney starter for lighting the coals. You should also heat the coal for at least twenty minutes before placing them on your grill.

While you may want to rush for reasons known to you, it makes it challenging to control the temperature. Wait until the charcoal is grey to transfer it to the grill.

Using the Wrong Type Of Heat

With charcoal BBQ grills, the charcoal heats your food directly. While your chicken will taste great over direct heat, the same cannot be said for other foods. Others generally do well with low or medium heat. The fact remains that utilising the wrong type of heat may lead to undercooking or overcooking.

What are you planning to prepare? Find out the ideal type of heat in the circumstances. In most cases, foods that cook faster are good to go with direct heat, while those that take longer do well over indirect heat.

Neglecting the Vents

The superiority of a gas grill is the ability to control the temperatures. While charcoal grills don’t come with buttons for this purpose, they have upper and lower vents for temperature regulation.

As seen in most models, the vents are located at the lid and base. The openings regulate airflow, and wider vents promote higher temperatures and vice versa.

Lifting the Lid Frequently

Compared to gas and electric grills, charcoal-fired grills often become hotter when you lift the lid. By opening the lid, you boost the oxygen flow to the coals, making them burn faster. This could also burn your food.

We aren’t saying that you seize from opening the lid. How will you know the food is ready? Instead, check your food and put back the lid instantly. Especially true for the meals that require ample time by the grill, like ribs and pork shoulders.


Charcoal grills are endorsed even by chefs. But owning one and using it for your grilling needs doesn’t guarantee a tasty meal. If you are looking to impress your guests and family with your meals, you should avoid the above mistakes for a BBQ they will not forget throughout the year.

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