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Brilliant Carbon: A Brilliant New Way to Buy Diamonds

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 3, 2021 / When you buy a diamond for yourself or someone you love, you want pure brilliance undimmed by a steep environmental or human cost. An average of 250 tons of earth have to be moved to mine a one-carat diamond. It's why diamonds are so rare and expensive and why mines leave such large scars on the earth.

But today technology has created a better way. The environmental impact of diamond mining can be avoided when you choose a lab-grown diamond instead. And with lab-grown diamonds you also don't have to worry that they've been used to fund conflict or forced labor.

That's why lab-grown jeweler Brilliant Carbon was created: to help spread awareness that there's a brilliant new option for buying diamonds that are beautiful inside and out.

Unlike retailers who promise to donate a portion of profits to charity someday, Brilliant Carbon donates a percentage of every single sale to the cause of your choice. You can vote with your dollars to make a positive impact, funding environmental protection, COVID relief efforts, education, feeding the hungry or protecting wildlife.

Brilliant Carbon's lab-created diamonds are grown inside white-hot plasma like the interior of a star. Methane and hydrogen gas interact in the plasma chamber and pure diamond crystallizes carbon atom by atom on a diamond seed. Brilliant Carbon selects only top quality pure Type IIa lab-grown diamonds, the rarest pure type, free of the yellow tint of nitrogen and the inclusions that are common in diamonds.

Brilliant Carbon's luxurious lab-grown diamond jewelry is just as beautiful as jewelry made with ordinary mined diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds display the same physical, chemical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds, and exhibit the same brilliance, scintillation, and fire.

Advanced gemological testing is the only way to tell the difference between lab-grown and mined: they are both diamonds, with all diamond's beauty. You won't be able to tell that your diamond is lab grown just by looking at it, even with a loupe, but you'll know in your heart you made the right choice.

And the environmental cost isn't the only thing that's lower: lab-grown diamonds are priced 30 to 50% less than mined diamonds, so you can afford the quality and size you really want.

The eternal brilliance of the stars also inspires Brilliant Carbon's jewelry designs, which include timeless classics like stud earrings and solitaires as well as the latest stylish engagement rings, stackables, and fine jewelry.

Each piece is made to last, with uncompromising workmanship and classic beauty. Brilliant Carbon jewelry will last generations, while protecting the earth for the next generation too.

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Shazir Mucklai
Imperium Group
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