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SandStar Attends the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai for the Third Time Depicting a New Picture for Smart Retail in the Future

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – December 22, 2020 – (

The 40th GITEX Technology Week (GITEX 2020), the largest technology exhibition with the longest history in the Middle East, wrapped up at the Dubai World Trade Center in mid-December 2020. SandStar as the most promising technology company in the field of AI+Retail showcased its unmanned retail, self-service checkout, and physical retail digitization solutions. Along with other technology giants, SandStar enabled the visitors to experience the magic of technology as well as the great future life made possible by technology.

It was the third consecutive time for SandStar to be invited to SandStar. Since taking the stage of GITEX for the first time in 2018, SandStar has been collaborating and growing with Etisalat, one of the co-organizers of GITEX and the No.1 telecom operator in Dubai, in the field of AI+Retail. Etisalat has witnessed the entire process of SandStar bringing its unmanned store, AI vending machine, and store digital analysis solutions starting from their very first generation to 12 countries and regions around the world step-by-step, to empower the retail operations of 20+ Fortune 500 companies including Coca-Cola and Sinopec, and to break the glass ceiling for them with solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

This year’s event further increased the international influence of the SandStar brand. GITEX 2020 was the only global technology exhibition held offline in the Middle East throughout the year. More than 1200 exhibitors from 60+ countries attended the event. Despite the travel inconvenience caused by COVID-19, it still attracted more than 1 million visitors both online and offline, making GITEX 2020 one of the hottest global events in early December.

Appearing at GITEX 2020 indicates that SandStar is still driving its global expansion plan. Marked by the establishment of SandStar North America in the beginning of 2020, the expansion of the company has been in full swing. Despite COVID-19, the North America team still won orders of several thousand AI vending machines for the next 24 months in the first half of the year. SandStar also received tens of millions of dollars in investments from a subsidiary of Thailand’s CP Group around the middle of the year, opening up unlimited opportunities to expand in the AI+Retail market of Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, SandStar also passed a series of evaluations by Microsoft to become a Microsoft IP Co-Sell Partner. This will enable SandStar to leverage Microsoft’s channels and resources around the globe to further explore opportunities and accelerate its overseas expansion in the future.

Since it was founded in 2016, SandStar has been focusing on the digital operations of retail. All the three product lines of the company are centered on computer vision, to provide an efficient shopping experience with senseless payment for consumers, and to help brands and store operators reduce costs and increase efficiency:

  • AI vending machines: “Just grab and go”
  • Smart store analysis: “Enabling offline stores to operate digitally like e-commerce”
  • Unmanned stores: Costing just 1/20 of Amazon Go

SandStar believes that COVID-19 has highlighted the advantage of unmanned retail in terms of the contactless and efficient shopping experience, and both businesses and consumers are looking for a safer and more efficient shopping experience. The demand for unmanned retail products in the retail industry, including overseas markets, will continue to grow.

Taking advantage of GITEX’s influence, SandStar hopes it can be seen by more and more brands and suppliers from the Middle East, Europe, and North America. SandStar welcomes other companies to hold business talks with it and work together to drive retail transformation in the future.

About SandStar

SandStar is an artificial intelligence company that provides leading computer vision technology for retail industry. The advanced retail solutions engage shoppers like never before with grab-and-go convenience, autonomous checkout and big data analytics, serving businesses worldwide. Founded in 2016, SandStar now has over 220 engineers. The company provides Smart Kiosks, Pure Computer Vision Smart Shops, and Smart Store Analytics. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., SandStar serves 20+ Fortune 500 companies and strives to build an AI retail ecosystem. SandStar is a qualified Intel® IoT Market Ready Solution (Intel® IMRS) partner and Microsoft Co-Sell partner, supported by a number of leading venture capital investors after 4 rounds of funding, including CP Group, one of the world’s largest conglomerates.

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SandStar Media Contact:

Andrea Wang

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SandStar Attends the GITEX Technology Week in Dubai for the Third Time Depicting a New Picture for Smart Retail in the Future

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