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Katerina Rothman, Founder of Beflax Linen, Announces her 100 Percent All-Natural, Sustainable and Affordable Linen

The Linens, which are Made from the Flax Plant, Can Help People to Sleep Better Naturally

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 30, 2020 / Katerina Rothman, the founder of Beflax Linen and a self-described "linen lover," is pleased to announce her 100 percent all-natural, sustainable and affordable line of linens.

To learn more about Beflax Linen and how their linen bedding can help people to sleep better naturally, please visit

Rothman understands that getting quality sleep is difficult for many. Instead of waking up well-rested, too many people spend hours tossing and turning, waking up sweaty and sticking to their sheets.

To help as many people as possible to get their best nights of sleep, Rothman was inspired to create and launch her line of linen bedding that is made from the flax plant.

"Our 100 percent pure linen bedding is hypo-allergenic, and its breathable properties promote a calming, restful sleep," Rothman said, adding that natural linen absorbs moisture and reduces heat, so people can stay cool and comfortable all night long.

"Flax is the most breathable textile there is, and it is also a high thermal regulator, which means it regulates the skin-air heat exchange. In hot weather, those who are dressed in linen have been found to have skin temperature that is 4 to 5 degrees Fahrenheit lower than those who are wearing silk or cotton, and it also helps keep in warmth on cold nights."

There are a number of other benefits to purchasing linens from Beflax Linen, Rothman said. For example, the linens are extremely durable, and will stand up to repeated washings without losing any of their properties or shape.

Linens made from flax also absorb moisture very well and will dry out quickly, and they have natural antibacterial and antiseptic qualities while also helping to repel UV rays.

For people who have sensitive skin, the hypo-allergenic qualities of the Beflax linens will help them to rest comfortably, and the sheets also have inherent massaging qualities due to their structure, which will help to increase blood circulation and relieve fatigue as they slumber.

"My Beflax linens are made with only 100 percent linen fiber of organic nature, and they are produced in a way that complies with the most ecological and socially responsible methods," Rothman said, adding that she never uses artificial dyes and the linens are also naturally softened with enzymes and other organic components-all while being very affordable.

About Beflax Linen:

Katerina Rothman, Founder of Beflax Linen, helps her customers sleep better, naturally with her 100 percent all-natural, affordable linen. To learn more about Beflax Linen and how customers can get 10 percent off their first linen order, please visit:


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