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Artisan Luxury Brands Redefining Luxury with New Ventures: The Grooming Alchemist and Artisan Media Group

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / November 18, 2020 / Luxury hair grooming company Artisan Luxury Brands has broadened its horizons and entered the coaching and consulting space with two new business ventures: The Grooming Alchemist and Artisan Media Group. With its new branches, the luxury lifestyle company looks to guide individuals and companies that look to level up in business and life.

Artisan Luxury Brands is a consumer goods company that acts as the umbrella organization for two successful hairstyling and lifestyle brands, Artisan Barber and Orchard and Ludlow. In recent times, the company has created two new branches that operate in a whole new sphere of influence. The two new business ventures are The Grooming Alchemist, a gentleman's hub that coaches men who want to level up their lifestyle, and Artisan Media Group, a full-service marketing agency that helps companies grow their brand. The two new ventures are company founder Charlie McCoy's way of channeling all he has learned in his ten years of pursuing entrepreneurship and a life of success and passion.

Artisan barber and serial entrepreneur Charlie has over ten years of experience in the hair industry. He moved from his hometown of Oklahoma City to the Big Apple to pursue his dreams of creating a grooming business that would thrive. Since he took the leap of faith in 2017 and started Artisan Barber, Charlie McCoy has dominated the industry in every way. His first shop would become one of the city's go-to grooming facilities. It wasn't long until Artisan Barber gave birth to Orchard and Ludlow, a salon slash art gallery that emanated the inventive lifestyle for all artisan lovers in New York City and beyond. The two barber salons have also launched successful lines of cruelty-free grooming products that have exploded through ecommerce and grown a strong online following.

Today, Artisan Luxury Brands looks to widen its horizon by launching Artisan Media Group and The Grooming Alchemist. The Artisan Media Group is a breakthrough creative agency that provides marketing, brand development, and media advertising guidance for businesses in various industries. The marketing firm redefines artistic expression by adding flair to a brand's identity and offering. As masters in storytelling, the agency helps companies mimic Artisan Barber and Orchard and Ludlow's company success. Artisan Media Group's wheelhouse creates video and visual content that upgrade brand awareness and loyalty by strategically memorably conveying messages.

Launched side-by-side with the creative marketing group is The Grooming Alchemist, a coaching hub for men who hope to upgrade their lifestyle. The venture has thrived most in guiding former Jehovah's Witness members who want to upgrade their lifestyles. As a former member of the religious group himself, Charlie understands what it's like to escape religion to pursue greater spirituality. The support community supports men who look to upgrade their career, lifestyle, grooming, or overall way of life by making the most of available resources and creating meaningful connections.

The company Artisan Luxury Brands rests firmly on biblical truth. Charlie's favorite verse is Proverbs 22:9, which says, "A man who is skillful in his work, you shall see: before kings he will serve; he will not serve before the commoners." As a man who has significantly benefited from these principles, he hopes to help other business owners and men worldwide experience the same prosperity. The Grooming Alchemist and Artisan Media Group look to leave a dent in society and affect positive change by guiding others through the path to success.

Company: Artisan Media Group
Mobile: 9176393646
Email: [email protected]

SOURCE: Artisan Media Group

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