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Rod Pancine: The Web Design Revolution

Rod Pancine: The Web Design Revolution
Pancine’s innovative approach to building websites is putting power back into the hands of small businesses, creatives, and entrepreneurs

Since he was a kid, Rod Pancine’s number one goal has been finding his voice. As his own personal identity has developed, and he’s established this voice, his passion has shifted to helping others do the same through his business, I Love To Do Websites. If there’s one thing you should know about Rod, it’s that he isn’t just another website designer; he’s an artist.

His experience in crafting the voice and identity of entrepreneurs into something special has led Rod to his latest project, a course called The Web Design Revolution. This isn’t simply about search engine optimization or driving sales – it’s a fresh take on what it means to be an entrepreneur in an age where, if it’s not online, it may as well not exist. Rod aims to put the power of an outstanding website into the hands of creatives and business visionaries, shrugging off the idea that you need an intimate knowledge of coding and SEO to have a successful online presence.

The Web Design Revolution utilizes the ever-growing field of visual web builders to cut back on the steps necessary to create a website as unique as its creators. With a visual builder, you get the advantage of a team of developers, extensive R&D, and layout designs that just work. You simply drag and drop elements into a blank canvas and customize it as you see fit. Whole pages, sections, and individual elements are available, all without writing a single line of code. Rather than spending ages agonizing over aesthetics and technical know-how, these tools allow even the most inexperienced site builders to put something together that demonstrates exactly what sets them apart.

With billions of websites online, and more going up all the time, showing off what makes you different has never been more important. That’s why the Web Design Revolution takes the stress off the technical elements, and refocuses it to demonstrating a unique brand identity and voice. In the past decade, websites have undeniably taken a turn for the homogenous, with every business in a given field offering an identity and aesthetic that’s really not much different from their competitors. Rather than building trust, these similar sites create an impenetrable wall of lookalike competitors, doing little to present what makes them different from one another and alienating potential clients. One reason for this is the archaic, developer-based approach most companies take when building an online presence. And while web developers will always be a valuable asset, for the majority of small businesses, individual creatives, and ‘solopreneurs’ out there, there’s no need to follow traditional protocol.

Calling back to the early days of the world wide web, where self-expression was paramount and there were no rules, precedents, or expectations to follow, The Web Design Revolution is about to change everything you thought you knew about websites. You can learn more about Rod, the course, and his business at

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