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Author’s New Book Receives Warm Literary Welcome – Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites

Amy Jean’s Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites receives multiple five-star reviews.

Sherri Rosen, a NYC book publicist, says, “I just read this book, and it blew me away. Perfect time for a book like this telling it like it is. Provocative, pushing the envelope, honest. Just what we need right now! Buy it! You will be so glad you did!”

K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite, says, “Author Amy Jean has created a true rollercoaster of poetic works and musings, one which delivers on both its structural front as a collection and the emotional front as an experience to work through. A particular highlight of the work for me was ‘Faberge Egg,’ which exuded such a powerful aura of artifice versus reality, and intelligently played this theme over our real lives, and ‘Say It Isn’t So,’ which explores the importance of female empowerment, ideas of childhood naivety and the freedom that comes to us all from ‘the game of life’: chillingly brilliant.”

Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites poetically reveals the diabolical ramifications of life being played rather than lived. Amy Jean shares personal trials, tribulations, and contemplation in a spirited, rhythmic chime. The struggle of women to be recognized in a male-dominated society is boldly depicted in activist poetry style. This collection shoots flares up at the historical missteps we habitually ignore. Fiery intensity and engaging illustrations amplify the words on the page and drive them home to readers who are open to engaging with our flawed history.

In Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites Part 2: Some things are black and white, Amy Jean continues to share the ramifications of repetitive historical missteps in an intense poetic clang. The poems hint at unknown universal truths, including direct indications that we currently do not have the freedom we assume we possess, nor are we privy to view reality. Implied impending euphoria holds the reader hostage, as she or he flips from page to page. You can feel the author’s anguish surrounding the greed and jealousy holding humanity back from breaking through to universal liberation: A rapidly approaching future where the oneness depicted in Holy Scripture is a present and universal truth for all. Sincere tantalizing morsels of a gentle and enduring devotion seep sporadically between poems broadcasting profound rage regarding paths endured. You can feel the author’s confidence build as she evaluates her worth against the negative feedback and denial she has experienced throughout her tumultuous, synthetic, and isolated existence; An existence she is painstakingly laboring to reconstruct, piece by piece, through intense contemplation. The juxtaposed nature of the work takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride of emotional highs and lows, culminating in a final AMEN. Illustrator, Eric Savage, delivers once again with heartwarming illustrations that poignantly captivate the essence of the words on the page. Side Steps Terrorizing Sound bites offer’s poetic snippets of Amy Jean’s memoir, The Kingdom Has Arrived.

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