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Catalysts Finance Register Gains Along With 25,000+ Clients Who Are Enjoying Quality Asset Management Services

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND / ACCESSWIRE / May 19, 2020 / NZ Shell Catalysts & Technologies, break-even management of customer assets for over 26 years and a provider of flexible trust management strategies for enterprises and retailers, earned 6.99 percent in profits for the week ending May 10, 2020.

Behind this, there were positive developments in the stock markets buoyed by strong quarterly reports from several companies including Lyft. Its shares rose 14 percent. The taxi service provider said its order volumes had risen amid the COVID-19 lockdown. Also, news that Saudi Arabia was increasing its Value Added Tax (VAT) to 15 percent led to a spike in WTI crude futures prices. Average gains during the week were 1.2 percent.

NZ Shell Catalysts & Technologies is duly registered according to New Zealand laws after depositing $1.8 million as required. On March 11, 2020, the day when it was registered, they re-negotiated with Antares platform. Antares has the exclusive rights to promote and market Catalysts' services and products.

Catalysts Finance was formed in 1994 and employs over 200 professional traders who carefully manage and multiply investments. Each trader has on average 12 years of experience. Over the years, Catalysts Finance has proven to be a reliable and profitable platform for investors yearning for passive income.

To maintain an edge, Catalysts fuses artificial intelligence capacities and some breakthrough technologies in semi-robot trading enabling investors to earn annual yields of up to 300 percent. The term incorporates high-frequency trading techniques and quantitative trading techniques as they focus on the most promising segments of the market.

Catalysts Finance constantly improves their trading strategies by making necessary adjustments and conducting regular audits. The Catalyst Bitcoin bot was introduced on April 22, 2020. The bot is configured to work without emotion while incorporating a simple management functionality drawn from the company's deep experience in trading.

By November 2020, Catalysts Finance will activate algorithmic, behavioral trading, and the use of neural network opportunities for trading and cluster analysis. Specifically, Robotic advising will appear and be integrated into client accounts.

Besides, Catalysts Finance also has interests in Forex and Futures trading, calculated investment in Blue Chip shares, and commodities including Oil. The price of oil continues to recover following the approval of stimulus measures in the United States and promise of a production cut by OPEC members.

Leveraging on the experience of Catalysts Finance professional traders, Pavilion Energy earned 189 percent in profits over nine months while NEXTracker initial investment more than doubled, rising by 237 percent in 12 months.

"Thanks to your effort, we have increased our income and expanded the range of our activities. We sincerely hope we shall stay in the list of our partners in the next year", the CEO of NEXTracker, Dan Sugar, said in an appreciation letter, "we promise to thank you with quality and worthy work which will satisfy the needs of all our clients."

For their innovation, Catalysts Finance has consequently earned over $10 million in investor net profit with a maximum 2 percent drawdown level pushing their dollar millionaire clients to over 2,000. There is also a 100 percent protection for their over 25,000 customers drawn from over 45 countries that trust the asset management's transparency and reliability.

The company plans on opening a Los Angeles office in May 2020 and by mid-June launch an updated personal account. Their primary focus by then will be on retail customers and enterprises keen on tapping the expanding use-cases of blockchain technology. Catalysts' executives reckon that 95 percent of blockchain's capacities are yet to be explored.

"Only 5 percent of blockchain technology possibilities are used; 95 percent is yet to come, so there is huge potential. The global pandemic only accelerates the world's need for blockchain technology. Due to the difficult economic situation, people are increasingly showing interest in cryptocurrency." said Jack Barett, the CEO of Catalysts Finance.

Tapping on the ever-evolving cryptocurrency markets, Catalysts Finance constantly improve their trading strategies by making necessary adjustments and conducting regular audits. The Catalyst Bitcoin bot was introduced on April 22, 2020.

About Catalysts Finance

Catalysts Finance is an international asset management company for private clients. It began operations 26 years ago in Singapore and is now registered in New Zealand.

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Contact: Media Relation Team
Address: 58 Victoria Street, Wellington Central, 6011, NZ
Email: [email protected]


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