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Narine Arakelian Creates Innovative Art Using Digital Work Embedded In Physical Canvas

Narine Arakelian, an up and coming multi-talented artist, leverages the power of hi-tech to get the best of both worlds within her impressive works of art. One piece of art becomes two through the integration of her Augmented Reality Performance (AR-Performance) a QR code embedded into a physical canvas. This impressive and innovative method creates not one but two versions of art, in the form of both a physical canvas and an identical digital version of performance art (​DGTL-painting)​.

Narine Arakelian is an Armenian artist born in Siberia and currently based in Venice, Italy and Los Angeles, USA. She studied fine arts at the State Surikov Institute in Moscow. She also gained experience during her year at the Digital Arts Department at the Los Angeles Academy of Art. In May 2019 Narine Arakelian was the headliner at the public performance show ‘Cast Iron Pots and Pans’ in the Armenia Pavilion ‘Revolutionary Sensorium’ for the 58th Venice Biennale and also performed in a series of global exhibitions.

Narine Arakelian’s more recent artwork is centered on the conceptual portrayal of ‘Love&Hope’ which was released in 2019 at the 58th Venice Biennale as part of the ‘Pharos Flower’ solo exhibition at the Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo (Venice, Italy).​ For this project ​she is issuing a love poem to humanity,​ through both her physical canvas as well as through intricate waves​ of social​ media.

Narine is an ar​tist that is deeply in touch with the world around her, and feels that humans are energy waves which help to transform and improve our reality. Her digital work is focused on exploring post ​humanistic discourse through trends of ‘The Post Information Societ​y.​’

Narine’s digital painting utilizes a custom designed ​Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) ​computer code to render a new form of ​“Concrete Poetry”. ​The artist works​ ​with the A.I. program to form a composition consisting of ornamental paintings and her Avant-Garde poetic pieces.

The ​DGTL-painting​ ​is an interactive work – by using the A.I. technology participants may read and contribute self-made messages of love. The participants’ involvement ​helps to initiated with #LoveXXL360 by way of a QR code located on ​

Narine uses a dynamic QR code for ‘the Love’ canvas, which allows the content of the AR performance to be embedded in a physical canvas. She studies aspects of psycho-emotional communication with the viewers of her DGTL-painting who see multiple different scenarios through her interactive content.

The artist’s impressive work speaks to a future world. Narine encapsulates her vision of the future with the combination of technology and mankind. Through this artistic blend, Arakelian claims digital space for people as the new environment, and indeed a more effective dimension for interpersonal psychic communication and messaging.

​According to Richard Wearn, Professor of Art California State University, Los Angeles, Narine’s work may be understood and defined in terms of “Empathy Aesthetics” of the Altermoden Era. He explains, “She is utilizing the various platforms including social-media that arguably result in alienation as a means to promote empathy. She is a virus in the system attempting to reverse an outcome. Her work also speaks to the way we use attributes as a sign of reference when it is not. Think of the function of an app on a touch screen. Tinder = intimacy/dating, Google = information/knowledge, etc., any object notion has been removed. We are left with attribute recognition through an app. We request and something turns up. The dynamic in the recent work by Narine may be defined in a similar way. The artist is negotiating through text and imagery a new sensibility and message to humanity that is not transactional. Narine gifts through social media which works against transactions, which is built into the model of digital life.”

Ms. Arakelian’s art focuses on social, cultural and political issues, as well as gender identity, traditional stereotypes including past and present women’s identity as relates to the multi-mass world of today. Her artwork is a synthesis of fine arts, performing and environmental arts and involving hi-tech technologies.

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