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Vinay Singh, Talented Entrepreneur and Entertainment Executive, Transforms Bollywood Events in Dallas

11 May, 2020 – Dallas, TX – Vinay Singh is a talented entrepreneur and entertainment executive, whose work in Bollywood events has transformed communities and enhanced cultural growth. The founder of Topshot Events, Topshot Life, and ComedyFizz, Vinay has proudly been recognized for his work at charity galas and concerts across Texas.

Moving to the United States in 2007, Vinay eventually settled in Dallas, Texas. Developing plans to establish an event and entertainment company, Vinay found success early on while networking and exploring the industry. Volunteering at Bollywood concerts and events, he learned the art of event management at the highest levels from the biggest names in Bollywood.

After years of research and planning, Vinay launched his event organizing and management company, Topshot Events LLC, in December 2018. Hosting a launch event that was both unique and elegant, Topshot Events soon became a leader in the industry. Today, the company provides the best event experience possible, incorporating all aspects of production, venue, promotion, creativity, and security to offer a top-rated atmosphere for DJs, artists, guests, and patrons. Notable events led by Vinay include:

     •  All White Bollywood Latin Night

     •  Dance and Dazzle

     •  Beer And Music Fest

     •  Bollywood Masquerade Party

     •  Bollywood Halloween Party

     •  Friendsgiving Bollywood Night

     •  Stand-Up Comedy with Bollywood Afterparty

     •  Vegas-Style Bollywood New Year’s Eve Party Holi Glow Party

A leader in Bollywood entertainment, Vinay and Topshot Events have been bringing communities together and enhancing cultural growth across Dallas and surrounding localities. Striving to make events bigger and better than ever before,  Vinay has organized 14 different Bollywood nights with different themes to cater to diverse South Asian crowds in Dallas. 

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Already in 2020, Vinay has successfully established Topshot Events’ sister brands, ComedyFizz and Topshot Life. ComedyFizz offers stand-up comedy at different venues in Dallas and beyond with a blend of comedians to cater to diverse audiences. At the same time, Topshot Life focuses on dreamers, entertainers, and local talent, providing a platform for artistic development. Earning recognition far and wide, Vinay has proudly received awards at Arya Dance Academy’s 4th and 5th Annual Charity Galas and Sunglow Entertainment’s Shreya Ghoshal Concert for his hard work and success in entertainment.

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