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Leading SEO Community BlackHatWorld set to Upgrade Its Forum to BlackHatWorld 2.0

Leading SEO Community BlackHatWorld set to Upgrade Its Forum to BlackHatWorld 2.0
BlackHatWorld’s forum is becoming more valuable than ever with services offered being backed with verified reviews. Already one of the most popular SEO and marketing communities in the world, this is expected to take BlackHatWorld to the next level.

When it comes to hunting down diverse SEO and online marketing services, few places have as good a reputation for as long a time as the community at BlackHatWorld. In exciting news for its many users, things are set to change in a very big way in how services are offered on its forum. BlackHatWorld owner Damien Trevatt recently announced “BlackHatWorld 2.0” is set to debut soon, and taking its inspiration from platforms like Fiverr and Airbnb, orders will run through the platform for a small fee, which will allow reviews to now be from verified purchases. This will be totally optional with the original forum still available, but the added trust from honest reviews is something that has been asked for very often and is expect to be quite popular.

“We are always trying to grow and provide better service to both sellers in our community and the online marketers who use them,” commented Trevatt. “BlackHatWorld 2.0 is a win-win for all involved. More transparent reviews benefit sellers who deliver quality work and serious buyers who don’t want their time or money wasted.”

The BlackHatWorld marketplace has been the go to resource for many services beyond Search Engine Optimization. Other highlights include copywriting services; proxies for sale; image, logo and video creation; website design; social media services; and much more.

BlackHatWorld 2.0 will initially be open to sellers by invitation only, with most experienced and respected veterans from the community asked to participate. This is expected to get the new aspect of the site off to a good start with it growing to include more services as buyer participation grows. BlackHatWorld will charge between 20% to 30% in fees for processing sales through the platform and providing the verified reviews which will almost certainly boost sales for those who are not just listed but also meet or exceed client expectations.

The early response to the idea of BlackHatWorld 2.0 has been very positive on the BlackHatWorld discussion forum.

Fused6216, a registered member of the BlackHatWorld forum, recently said, “This is a no brainer for the BHW site. Although some sellers may not like it, the buyers will. The increased demand will force the sellers to stay on and in the end everybody will be happy. As a frequent buyer, I’d like more regulation and structure to the order process here.”

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