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4 Easy Ways To Protect Floors and Carpets When Moving

One of the worst times to move is in winter. With rain, snow and wind, the floor of your home will begin to become filthy quite fast. Here is a short list of ways that you can keep your floors and carpets clean during a move.

  1. Stop the movers from entering the house as much as possible by initially having them bring everything into the garage. Then, later on when their shoes are cleaned off, have them transfer all the things from the garage into the rest of the house. If there are enough movers on site, then you can have two different sets of movers; One set for taking stuff off the truck and the other for placing the items in the home.
  2. Another way to protect the carpets and floors during a move is by getting floor protection. There are a couple types of floor protection you can get, one of the most common ones moving companies use are rug runners. They usually have no slip bottoms with vinyl tops. Another type of floor protection. These are thin flexible pieces of wooden material. (A common use for them is on skateboard ramps). Carpet mask is another option but not as effective when heavy furniture is rolled over them.
  3. If the above options are not usable, you can also use heavy duty paper roll. When you tape it to the floor it can provide some degree of protection, however if you tape it over carpet it’s much more prone to ripped, and it will rip with something is wheeled over it. It’s best to use it on hardwood or vinyl flooring.
  4. Another option is making the movers wear slip on ‘booties’ over their shoes. This is impractical, as it can make the floor slippery, which can be quite dangerous when carrying heavy objects. It’s also a impractical to have them keep putting them on and taking them off as they will be going in and out frequently.

Most of the time the moving company will provide the best solution for protecting carpets and floors when moving. If you by chance choose a “High Level Movers Ottawa” company that does! In any case, be sure to ask the movers what their plans are to protect the floors of your new home.

Packing / Unpacking Local and Long Distance Moving Services

Our company provides both local moving within Ontario, and long distance moving in Canada. We accommodate last minute moving, as well as inter-provincial moving to Quebec. If you are planning on moving across the country then trust us to move you safely and successfully. Our Long Distance Movers Ottawa, have the resources to accommodate any distance of move. Also, we offer transparent pricing, so there are no surprises along the way.

Moving companies today are not mere movers. They also offer various services and products. Most of them provide various packing supplies. You will be able to find barrels, dish packs, cartons, cardboard, plastic moving bins and stretch wraps at most moving companies. While you may opt to pack your own items, you will find that most reputable companies offer packing services. It can be packing only fragile items that need expertise or a full packing service. It is advisable that you let the crew pack pianos, large mirrors and items with glass parts, chandeliers, furniture, and appliances.

DIY packing will need quality boxes, packing and masking tape, utility knife, scissors, and markers. Pack your items in small or average-sized boxes rather than keeping all of them in one huge box. It will help the movers load and unload it much easier and faster. Label each box according to where it will need to be placed in the new residence.


Did you know that using a moving company involves specialized paperwork? For instance, you can expect to have an Order of Service, which should contain the service you requested for and the dates agreed upon by you and the moving company.

You may deal with Bill of Lading. It is the proof that your goods are received by the company and that you permit the company to transport your items. It should specify the name of the Ottawa moving company, the date, payment details and terms, preferred protection and other important details. The driver is the one who should provide you with a copy of Bill of Lading and it should have your signature. You should have it before or while the team does the loading.

Our business has expanded, and we now have offices in The Greater Ontario Area View on Maps: Ottawa, Nepean, Vanier, Kanata, Gatineau and Gloucester.

About Us: When you hire High Level Movers Ottawa, make sure you choose a full moving service that can accommodate all of your unique moving requirements. A High Level Movers Ottawa moving company can help you in many ways: Below are some things that you should expect when working with our moving company.

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