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Will Steroids Rule Once Again In The Sydney Olympic Games?

MARGARITA ISLAND, Venezuela – Faster, higher, stronger. The Olympic games have always brought the best in the world together. Children the world over dream of holding a gold medal aloft, their country’s anthem playing in the background as their country’s flag is raised aloft.

In Sydney this year, dreams will be both realized and shattered. As always, when guts and glory are on the line, some athletes feel that the line everybody else has to toe isn’t meant for them.

In some countries, where Olympic gold is prized above all else, systematic athlete drug doping programs have been undertaken in order to boost a country’s athletic reputation. Today, many people claim that this is all behind us.

The editors at don’t believe so, and their roving reporter has told us that some athletes are in for a big surprise with the IOC’s new testing procedures.

China, with it’s army of swimmers and runners that came out of nowhere have been curiously silent of late; however at 5-6 odds, they’re still pegged as early favorites to take home the most dishonor.

The crafty Romanians, early favorites in the weight lifting events have suddenly been hit with the spotlight as their entire weightlifting team may face expulsion from the games.

Will another Ben Johnson turn Canadians red with shame? Which sport will have the most tarnished athletes? Will it be those perennial favorites, the shot put artists? Or will the world’s fastest man need a little help this year?

For full list of odds and a highlight on this year’s Olympics, go to’s website.

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