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The clothes and the man: how Reno Davis went from rags to regalia

Miami-based real estate wholesaler Reno Davis is perhaps one of the most striking examples of just how stylish modern entrepreneurs can be.

Reno Davis
Photo courtesy Reno Davis
Photo courtesy Reno Davis

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However you may feel, fashion plays a significant role in shaping our overall identity. Fashion dictates not only how others perceive us, but also how we feel about ourselves. Even top billionaires agree that a look that makes you feel comfortable and confident while helping you stand out and project your unique personality can be part of the secret to success.

This connection between fashion and identity is no less visible in the world of entrepreneurship, with fashion playing a key role in how personal brands are born and made. After all, who could separate the legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs from his trademark black Issey Miyake mock turtlenecks, or Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg from his gray Brunello Cuccinelli tees? 

Miami-based real estate wholesaler Reno Davis is perhaps one of the most striking examples of just how stylish modern entrepreneurs can be. Reno is a fashion icon as much as he is a real estate entrepreneur, with dashing looks that often catch attention both on the ground and on social media. 

While clothes remain ever-important, gone are the days of uniformly conservative business attires made up of suits and ties, or blazers and skirts. Instead, entrepreneurs of the Millenial and Gen-Z eras, with the likes of Reno Davis at the forefront, have taken to more liberal looks that highlight comfort and individuality over plainness and formality. 

“As someone who was previously making just enough to get by in landscaping, I’m not ashamed to say that I got into fashion and designer clothing as soon as I could afford it,” says Reno. “After feeling the difference in quality between these quality designer items and non-designer brands, I really just can’t go back to how it was before.” 

Today, Reno’s over five-digit designer wardrobe carries some of the world’s most premium brands, covering everything from tracksuits to colognes and sneakers worth thousands of dollars. Some of Reno’s favorite brands include Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, and Louboutin. 

“I only wear designer clothes because I’m all about quality,” he says. “With me, it’s always you get what you pay for, not only not only in my real estate work but also with everything I do.”

His latest and perhaps most expensive pickup so far is a brand-new yellow Jaguar F-Type R coupe with a unique multi-color wrap.

Due to his unique looks, Reno has been taking social media by storm. He recently went viral for the $5,000 Dior suit that he was seen rocking courtside at a Miami Heat game. He also tops each of his looks with a high-top fade to create a look that is truly memorable in Miami’s highly-competitive real estate industry.

Reno Davis admits that it’s hard to stay low-key with his fashion sense combined with a naturally flashy personality. 

George Nellist
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George Nellist is a public relations, marketing and strategic brand expert who has executed social media and strategic marketing campaigns for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. For more information, visit Ascend Agency.

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