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Teen develops hepatitis after drinking too much green tea

Doctors are now using the unidentified health-conscious 16-year-old’s case to show the dangers of green tea when it is not consumed in moderation.

The woman’s case was detailed earlier this week in the British Medical Journal. The report said people need to be aware of the problem.

She became ill with a kidney infection after she followed a three-month diet, which consisted of drinking three cups of hot green tea every single day. Eventually, she went to the doctors to complain about nausea, dizziness, stomach pains and joint pains. Her doctor prescribed her medicine for a urinary infection.

The patient was sent home after she was given the antibiotics, but she returned with worsening symptoms. The woman said she lost a few pounds, but then she started to experience pains in her joints, and when she was admitted to the hospital, she had a lot of tests done on her. She said she didn’t fully understand what was going on.

After a number of tests were conducted, the doctors discovered she had acute hepatitis, or an inflamed liver. The woman quickly recovered once she stopped drinking the tea and after she was given intravenous fluids and medicine.

As for where she ordered the tea from, she got it online. The woman said most of the tea’s ingredients were written in Chinese, and she added that she would never buy online tea again, nor will she purchase any weight loss pills.

The report mentioned that doctors acknowledge green tea is predominately safe and it contains antioxidants properties. This raises the possibility that the addition of other chemicals causes hepatotoxicity.

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