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Pharmacist Ben Fuchs opens up about skincare line and digital age (Includes interview)

On his skincare line, Fuchs said, “I owned a compounding pharmacy, a pharmacy where I made medicine rather than merely dispensing it, where I specialized in formulating topical prescription products (creams, lotions, and gels) for healing wounds, burns, surgically traumatized and otherwise compromised skin.”

Fuchs continued, “When my patients came in for their refills, I noticed that not only were their wounds healed or in the process of healing but fascinatingly, their skin was more beautiful. The overall appearance of their skin was glowy, soft and healthy-looking.”

“Their fine lines were faded and their dark spots were lightened. Upon seeing these kinds of effects, I realized that the same prescription mechanisms and techniques that I was leveraging to heal wounds was also beautifying the skin. Truth Treatments are formulations based on this realization,” he added.

Fuchs revealed that some good foods to eat for a naturally healthy complexion include “eggs, avocados, veggies, fish, almonds, fermented foods, organ meats, and bone broth.”

When asked what inspired him to take his skincare line in his own hands as a way of helping others, he said, “I was trained in medicinal dermatology in pharmacy school. When I went to work in drug stores as a young pharmacist, I saw that skin health needs were not being addressed by manufacturers who were producing standard-issue products based on old technologies with a focus on profits rather than patient needs.”

“Ultimately this dollar-focus was causing my patients to suffer needlessly with uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating skin conditions. I knew how to heal skin topically and nutritionally, I took it upon my self to start developing my own prescription formulations designed with skin in mind, not the bottom line,” he added.

On being a pharmacist and a skincare chemist in this digital age, he expressed his love for the digital age. “It helps me communicate with my current patients and clients more effectively and reach new ones with greater facility. The Internet allows me to gather tremendous amounts of information that I would otherwise be unable to access,” he said.

Fuchs uses technology in his daily routine as a pharmacist and skincare chemist for “Internet research, social media, as well as ingredient procurement.”

For aspiring pharmacists and skincare chemists, he said, “Study extra-curricula nutrition, biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry in addition to pharmacy curricula.”

To learn more about pharmacist Ben Fuchs, follow him on Twitter.

For more information, check out the official Truth Treatments website.

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