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Xavier Mortimer talks Jason Derulo magic videos, digital age (Includes interview)

After he posted several noteworthy illusion videos on social media, Mortimer’s social media following grew substantially thanks to his collaboration with multi-platinum recording artist Jason Derulo. Derulo had reached out to Mortimer via Instagram, where he expressed his interest to collaborate with him on some new videos. Ever since, the video have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram. “That was life-changing, not just the Jason Derulo videos but all the ones on social media,” he admitted. “It was a great experience. Jason was really good.”

Within a matter of a few hours, their first TikTok video collaboration catapulted to over 14 million views (where 10 million of those views were in the first 12 hours of release). It was subsequently followed by two more videos that within two days have reached eight million views each.


Oh you wanna play with magic? @xavier_mortimer jasonxxavier

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On winning the “Best of Las Vegas” awards, he said, “That was great. I just started in Las Vegas a few years ago and I was doing Cirque du Soleil. My manager told me to leave Cirque du Soleil and to open a show in Las Vegas, which was a big step. I didn’t know what to expect and what to do. It was a big challenge for us. After a year passed, the show was good and we got a very positive response from the audience. We were so thrilled to win ‘Best of Las Vegas’. That was a huge accomplishment for me.”

Mortimer shared that he grew up in the south of France.

Thanks to the success of these three viral magic videos, Mortimer has become one of the most-followed magicians in Las Vegas and the world.

On being a magician in the digital age, he said, “It’s amazing. I’ve always been a live performer. I enjoy moving and going to the people and the theaters. I like to perform in front of people and I just enjoy the live stage entertainment. A few years ago, I started to see some really interesting content on social media, so I decided to try it and give it a shot. The digital age is a whole new approach where you can’t think the same.”

“I decided to film and create more and I got in contact with people who are good at social media and they helped me build a fan-base and the result is incredible: I have almost six million followers and millions of views that I would have never expected. I would have never had this exposure had it not been for social media,” he said.

When asked what his favorite type of magic is to perform, he responded, “I love all magic. I love storytelling, that’s the best magic of all. You can have the best trick in the world, if you don’t tell a story, it won’t connect with people. It’s all about the presentation.”

For young and aspiring magicians, Mortimer encouraged them to be themselves, be original and work hard on the craft. “It’s very hard to find your own path,” he said. “It is very easy to copy and be inspired by what we have seen before. Don’t be afraid to try your ideas out. Back in the day, my most successful video on TikTok got 30 million views and I filmed it at Walmart. You see, you just never know how it will be perceived by people. Someday, you will find something that will make sense, just work hard at it since it will not be easy.”

Mortimer defined the word success as “a lot of failures and accomplishments.” “I feel that success is the top of the mountain that you see but what is important is the journey on the way to the top,” he explained.

For his fans and supporters, he concluded, “Thank you for the support and I am going to create more content. Thank you for being with us, I will keep the magic alive.”


The best students break their necks to get it right @xavier_mortimer jasonXxavier

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For more information on world-renowned magician Xavier Mortimer, check out his Facebook page and his homepage.


Who’s the better magician? @xavier_mortimer jasonXxavier


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