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Review: Lynn Anderson’s classic album ‘Cry’ re-released to streaming (Includes first-hand account)

Up until now, Cry was only available on vinyl, and now that has all changed thanks to Legacy Recordings. This is an efficient way for old fans to reconnect with these classic recordings and for new music fans to discover the greatness of country legend Lynn Anderson.

The album opens with the harking title track “Cry” and it immediately breaks into the upbeat “Never Ending Song of Love” and the polished ballad “Ask Any Woman.” Anderson subsequently serenades her audience to a “Bedtime Story,” displaying her superb storytelling ability and her crystalline voice, prior to slowing down the tempo on the moving ballad “I Won’t Mention It Again.”

She shows her listeners how to have a good time with the catchy and bubbly “Tonight My Baby’s Coming Home,” and she delivers a glorious rendition of “Cotton Jenny,” which does the Gordon Lightfoot-penned recording justice.

After the mid-tempo “When You Say Love,” it closes with “We Can Make It” and on a fitting note with “We’ve Got to Get It On Again.”

Cry is available on Apple Music by clicking here.

The Verdict

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Lynn Anderson’s Cry is highly eclectic and an asset for all country music fans, old and new. She was a true song stylist. It is evident that great music of this caliber will stand the test of time. Cry garners an A rating.

To keep up with the latest events and announcements in memory of Lynn Anderson, check out the following website, and her official Facebook page.

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