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Ozzy Lusth opens up about ‘Survivor’ experience, Laugh Boston (Includes interview)

On May 15, Lusth will be performing at Laugh Boston in Massachusetts. “I’m sure there will be a good number of questions that people will ask. It’s up to the fans. We will comment on the way the finale turns out,” he said.

“I will be telling many behind-the-scenes stories and I will give them tidbits that people want to know,” Lusth added.

According to Men’s Health, Lusth was the contestant that played Survivor the longest, spending 128 days on the show over the course of four seasons. “I’ve been on it for a good amount of time,” he admitted. “I think I stole the records for the longest amount of time.”

He was drawn to the Survivor experience since it afforded him the opportunity “to get back in nature” and “to experience life in a way that modern humans are unable to do.” “Outside of the professional sports, I think Survivor is the greatest game that has ever been played,” he said.

“The production that goes into this experience is so incredibly fun and mind-blowing. It is really hard to describe it to people have never played it. Survivor is an opportunity of self-discovery and adventures,” he said. “You discover things about yourself that you never knew before.”

For young and aspiring contestants that wish to go on Survivor, he said, “The best thing that you can do is to present a caricature of yourself. Show the producers what makes you special. You really have to speak from the heart and show them what makes you different and why you would succeed. They like very strong personalities.”

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On the impact of technology and streaming on the entertainment business, Lusth said, “Technology is great since it is broadening the reach. Technology is exposing more people, who may not have access to Survivor. It is making content more accessible and that is all around a good thing. I honestly don’t watch regular TV anymore, but I do watch it on my Smart TV. That’s the way to do it.”

For his fans, Lusth expressed his sincere appreciation. “I am so grateful to the fans. There are a lot of ways to play Survivor and not just one way. The money is something and the experience is something more. If most people, enjoy the game, they will gain something greater. Some people get short-sided when they think it’s all about winning,” he said.

Lusth defined the word success as “unlocking mysteries inside your own mind.” “A successful person has found a way to co-exist in harmony in this world,” he said.

To learn more about Survivor alum Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth, follow him on Twitter.

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