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Lyndon Smith talks about ‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ on Disney+

Actress Lyndon Smith chatted about “National Treasure: Edge of History” on Disney+.

Lyndon Smith
Lyndon Smith. Photo Credit: Jonny Marlow
Lyndon Smith. Photo Credit: Jonny Marlow

Actress Lyndon Smith chatted about “National Treasure: Edge of History” on Disney+.

How was your experience in “National Treasure: Edge of History”?

The experience has felt larger than life. Disney is such a juggernaut, and to feel their full support, love, and passion for this franchise and for all of us who helped create the series was mind-blowing. And then to first-hand witness the fierce loyalty of the National Treasure fan base at Comic-Con, D23, social media interactions, etc. has been wild.

It’s definitely daunting at times because we want to deliver on everyone’s expectations, but I ultimately just feel so lucky to be a piece of this story.

What did you like most about your character?

Our show features brilliant female characters, and Agent Ross immediately jumped off the page at me. I felt aligned with her from the first read. We are both hyper-focused, driven, Type A personalities. But what struck me the most about her was while yes, she’s fact oriented and she will doggedly pursue the truth, she also carries an acute sense of empathy.

She has the emotional intelligence to balance the facts of a case with human understanding. Logic brained, but with heart. Or as I like to think, the best parts of both Mulder and Scully.

How does it feel to be an actress in the digital age? (now with streaming and technology being so prevalent)… and now with this being on the streaming service Disney+?

This is a complicated question. The digital age of entertainment is a double-edged sword, especially for the “working-class actor.” On one hand, and as everyone knows, the market is bursting at the seams with content.

I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard people both inside and outside the industry cry, “there’s just too much to watch!” But that’s not inherently a bad thing. Streaming directly contributed to the ‘Golden Age of Television.’ It’s where some of the best shows live. And that does equate to more opportunity for work.

More content equals more work. But, working actors now have a harder time than ever to break out of the pack and become a household name because of the amount of content. It’s a weird dichotomy.

In terms of “National Treasure: Edge of History,” we would not exist without Disney+. The Wibb’s always said that they wanted to do a series, but there was never really an outlet to do so. And then along came Disney+, and that door opened. Also, the quality of shows on Disney+ right now are incredible, and we get to sit alongside those shows. That’s a dream come true.

Which actors would you like to someday work with as your dream acting partners?

Ewan McGregor immediately comes to mind. I’ll see anything he graces. Andrew Garfield, though he’s so beautiful I might forget how to hit a mark. Also, Michelle Williams, Eddie Redmayne, and Sandra Bullock seems like she would be a blast to hang out with.

What is your advice for young and aspiring actors?

Don’t wait for the phone to ring. Be proactive. Submit yourself to managers and agents. Research casting directors. Commercials are a great way to get your sea legs because generally speaking, commercial agents have larger rosters. Get into class, even if you just came out of university.

Class creates community, and the most common way to get reps comes from referrals from their current clients. You’re also going to need those acting friends to help put you on tape. And speaking of, invest in your self-tape setup for your home. Get lighting, non-negotiable.

Casting needs to see you and your eyes clearly. And finally, being new is a GIFT, not a hindrance. The most powerful position you can be in as an actor is a star or a fresh face. Everyone wants to discover the hot new thing. There’s leverage in your anonymity. So work hard, be professional, kind, and learn people’s names.

What does the word success mean to you? (My favorite question)

Success means creating a maintaining a balance in life. It’s having a full, enriched heart outside of work. It looks like travel and good meals and laughter with the people you love. Success is the freedom to treat your life like one big adventure.

What would you like to tell our readers about “National Treasure: Edge of History”?

My favorite part of the “National Treasure” franchise as a whole is how accessible and fun they make history. History is the main character. Our series expands on this with exploring another culture as well. So ultimately, I just hope people are kicking back and enjoying the hunt, all while gaining appreciation of a piece of history that they never knew.

To learn more about actress Lyndon Smith, follow her on Instagram.

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