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Here’s Amanda Awayda, the self-made model making her mark

When you are passionate about your career, you go to any length to establish yourself in your industry.

Amanda Awayda
Photo courtesy Amanda Awayda
Photo courtesy Amanda Awayda

This article was written by Now PR LA.

When you are passionate about your career, you go to any length to establish yourself in your industry. If you ask most people who’ve made an impact, they’ll tell you sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance are important. Even if you are the most talented person in the room, things will not align without some effort on your part. Though she possesses beauty in spades, model and entrepreneur Amanda Awayda knows the importance of continuous hard work.

Amanda is one of those people who stand out in a crowd. With her striking features and natural beauty, she is quickly making a name for herself in the beauty industry. Her unique looks and ability to capture a model’s essence have landed her many prestigious opportunities. Since she entered the industry, Amanda has worked with some of the top modeling agencies in the United States. In fact, she is currently signed to 5 of them, where she has modeled and partnered with renowned brands such as Fabletics, Adore Me, SHEIN, Guy Tang, Yandy, and Hairfinity, among others.

Amanda’s runway looks, and versatility in modeling have also captured the attention of media outlets and the general public. The gorgeous model has graced the covers of the biggest magazines in the fashion world like Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, Glamour, Grazia, and L’OFFICIEL. Amanda’s unique style has made her one of the most sought-after models in the industry and she is working on other projects she believes will be valuable additions to her portfolio.

Despite her exquisite looks, Amanda is a down-to-earth and relatable person. Over the years, that has gained her a loyal fan base on social platforms. So far, she boasts over 250K followers on TikTok, Instagram, and BIGO Live, and plans to launch her YouTube channel soon. Her goal is to keep growing her following and becoming an even bigger influencer in the beauty and fashion space. Amanda’s goal is to become a top public figure, influencer, and social media sensation in her industry.

Amanda is no stranger to hard work. When she first got into modeling, she had to learn the ropes on her own. No one around her had attempted anything close to what she wanted, so getting started was a challenge. Once Amanda found her footing, she began to build an empire. Even though she faced some problems along the way, they didn’t deter her from her goals. Amanda ignored negative opinions and trusted her intuition. Her self-belief and ambition continue to work in her favor to this day.

Now, Amanda has her sights set on bigger projects. Right now, she’s working on a fashion and beauty brand she plans to launch soon. She will also continue her collaboration with big brands, hopefully at a larger level. As her social media following grows, Amanda plans to also show people her real personality beyond the glitz and glamor of modeling. She hopes her story will inspire someone who feels stuck to go after what they want in life.

From her own experience, Amanda points out that listening to negativity will only slow you down. You must stick to what you want and your capabilities to accomplish your dreams. Amanda adds that with faith and hard work, nothing is impossible. She believes the future can only be better if you don’t give up.

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