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From the Editor: Fall Issue 2004

When the whole world meets in one place at one time, it’s impossible not to be affected. For us, it was the Olympic Games in Athens this summer that changed everything.

I’m proud to say that we’ve received hundreds of emails and phone calls celebrating our Olympic coverage and we’ve watched our editorial coverage spider-web across the Internet to be ranked No.1 by Google News alongside CNN. In the world of news, where stories break every five minutes, this was a gold medal for our organization.

Digital Journal is to be thanked and congratulated for an awesome celebration of sport and human spirit,” wrote Norman Papandreu in a letter to the editor.

Digital Journal has given the world new talent,” says Asahi Yoshi. “On behalf of the World Wide Web family, let me say thanks for great short stories.”

Sporting a new, evolved look, this issue commemorates our international recognition and moves forward to bring you diverse contents that more completely reflect life in today’s digital universe.

With a special section on ideaCity (pg.35-50), as well as stories and photography from all over the world, this issue pulls together ideas and topics that impact everyone.

Also, in addition to our esteemed staff of writers and designers, we are proud to welcome back Preston Manning (pg. 36) and to introduce a host of new regular writers, including travel columnist Anne Dimon (pg. 56), lifestyle columnist Julia Suppa (pg.51) and PC Doctor Jim Sanderson (pg. 80).

Digital Journal always talks about how digital culture — lifestyle, fashion, the arts, science and technology — affects us all, so this issue merges technology and lifestyle into a new package to keep you up-to-date with this rapidly evolving phenomenon.

With a new era upon us, we invite everyone to hop on board and join the revolution.

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Chris is an award-winning entrepreneur who has worked in publishing, digital media, broadcasting, advertising, social media & marketing, data and analytics. Chris is a partner in the media company Digital Journal, content marketing and brand storytelling firm Digital Journal Group, and Canada's leading digital transformation and innovation event, the mesh conference.

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