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Digital Journal Gives Preview of New Magazine on CHUM Television’s Popular Tech show HomePage

Just as Digital Journal‘s new issue hits newsstands across the country, Editor-in-Chief, Christopher Hogg, appeared on CHUM Television’s popular technology show HomePage to talk about some of the stories and hot gadgets featured in the issue.

If you missed the program, here is your chance to review some of the featured gadgets. As a regular guest on HomePage (aired live on CP24 and broadcast across Canada on Canadian Learning Television), Hogg demonstrated a new line of thin profile, wall-hanging speakers from Totem Acoustic; new Microban technology from Fellowes that helps prevent bacteria build-up in the office environment; a specially-designed external hard drive from LaCie; and incredible technology from Kyocera that lets users connect to the Internet using cellphone towers.

For more information on each product, pick up your copy of Digital Journal‘s new issue, now available in bookstores across the country. Below you will find more information and helpful links.

Tune in to HomePage hosted by David Onley each week on CP24 and Canadian Learning Television.

Totem Acoustic Tribe Speakers:
This new line of wall-hanging speakers from Canada’s infamous speaker company, Totem Acoustic, is thin and light enough to hang on the wall. As the popularity of LCD and plasma TVs grows, Totem has designed this line of speakers for users who want to get speakers off the floor and hang them beside a television. Tribe 1 retails for $799 and hangs on the left and right side of the television. Tribe 2 retails for $999 and hangs above the television. Each speaker is handmade and checked multiple times, resulting in some of the best sound money can buy. This product line also comes with a powerful subwoofer called Storm. For more information, visit Microban technology that helps stop the build-up of bacteria. Studies show the average desk can have 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Microban technology is antimicrobial protection that is built into products during manufacturing to provide continuous antimicrobial product protection. It’s built into products using coatings and fibres that help reduce the build-up of bacteria, mould, mildew and odour. It will not wash off or wear away. When microorganisms come in contact with Microban, the technology will penetrate the bacteria cell wall and disrupt the microorganisms from functioning, growing or reproducing. For more information on pricing and an in-depth review, click here.

LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive
Ranging in size from 160 GB to a whopping 500 GB, this new line of external hard drives from LaCie are a must for any person looking to fashionably extend their storage space. Designed by world-famous product designer Ora-Ito, this new line looks like Lego blocks and range in price from $199 to $579. Ora-Ito is a 29-year-old French designer that has designed Adidas cologne bottles, Heineken bottles and Levi’s merchandise. For more information, visit This new line of PC cards allow you to connect your notebook PC anywhere. Using brand new EV-DO technology, plug this gadget into your computer and you gain Internet access through, believe it or not, cellphone towers. With the ubiquity of cellphone towers, this innovative solution allows you to browse the Internet while on the train, at the cottage or anywhere you can get cellphone reception. Being dubbed the “Wi-Fi Killer” by some media, EV-DO technology runs at near-broadband speeds. Coverage areas are still in development, and you will likely only find a high-speed connection in major cities. Click here for a list of coverage areas in Canada through Bell’s wireless service. If you are outside of the EV-DO network, it will switch over to 1X Digital which is much slower. As this grows and networks expand, this will be one technology to watch out for. The big telcos are packaging this card the same way a cellphone plan would be sold, with $25 getting you about 4MB of bandwidth per month, and $100 getting you unlimited bandwidth. Click here to see updated pricing.

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