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Crystal Chappell talks ‘Venice: The Series,’ and the digital age (Includes interview)

Regarding the sixth season of Venice: The Series, she said, “It was good. It was fun. It was my time to go back to Guiding Light and work with my Guiding Light cast-mates. I’m sure it was the beginning of the whole journey. I wanted to take it home.”

“Season 6 was easy to write. Instead of a serial drama, you can take a few characters and write a season around them, and give it a beginning, middle and an end, and that was easier to do,” she explained.

Chappell complimented actress and producer Hillary B. Smith (who plays Guya) for being one of her best friends. “We just have the best time, and she is such an amazing actress. She is a very bright woman. Hillary can do anything,” she said.

On being an actress and a content creator in the digital age, she remarked, “I love it. I studied Computer Science in college, so I’ve always had that desire to do things online. It was nice when YouTube popped up, and all of these other platforms. It was great to be able to put things out there. I love it and I can work from home.”

“Also, everybody has been so great about supporting online content,” she added.

Crystal Chappell in  Venice: The Series

Crystal Chappell in ‘Venice: The Series’
Photo Courtesy of ‘Venice: The Series’

When asked how she handles being dialogue-heavy, she said, “The brain is like a muscle. The more you work it, the better it gets. When you stop using that muscle, you can’t remember your phone number. I loved it. The more dialogue the better, since it forces you to focus.”

She had nothing but the kindest words about Gregory Zarian for scoring a 2020 Daytime Emmy pre-nomination for “Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Digital Drama Series” for his acting work in Venice: The Series. “I adore Gregory. He’s amazing. I will put him in everything if he wants to do it. He is so good at what he does. Although it’s a very female-centric show, I really wanted to showcase the perspective of a gay man who has been bullied and I wanted that to be a part of the show. I felt that was important,” she said.

Gregory Zarian in  Venice The Series

Gregory Zarian in ‘Venice The Series’
‘Venice The Series’

Chappell also praised Kim Zimmer (who appeared in Season 6 of the series) for being an “amazing actress” and an even more amazing woman. “Kim is somebody that I greatly admire and I love her,” she said. “Kim can be intimidating because she is so great, but she has always been so good and she just makes you better when you work with her.”

On her daily motivations, Chappell responded, “Generally speaking, coffee. I have a terrific life and a terrific family, and I get to be creative and I have the fan support. That’s all pretty awesome, and then there’s the coffee. It begins and ends with coffee.”

For young and aspiring actors, she said, “Do it. Find a way to do it. Just act. Put yourself out there and act, that way, you will get more confidence and that will carry you all the way through.”

Regarding the title of the current chapter of her life, she responded, “Change.” “There is so much change going on in the world, and it boils down to that,” she said.

Chappell defined the word success as “being at peace.”

For her dedicated fans, she concluded, “I am always grateful beyond words. There is more to come. Season 7.”

To learn more about Crystal Chappell, follow her on Twitter, and the show’s official website.

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 Venice: The Series

‘Venice: The Series’
Photo Courtesy of ‘Venice: The Series’

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